APN Ambassador Program

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About the Program

The Amazon Partner Network (APN) Ambassador Program is a community of technical experts passionate about sharing their AWS technical expertise by authoring blogs and whitepapers in addition to creating and delivering public presentations. The contributions of APN Ambassadors provide other cloud professionals guidance and mentorship on building AWS skills, solving a variety of technical problems, and growing their careers.

Possessing multiple AWS certifications and in-depth AWS knowledge, Mission's APN Ambassadors acquire advanced knowledge and continually sharpen their technical delivery best practices through their membership in the APN Ambassador program. You can learn more about the Mission APN Ambassadors below.

Meet our Ambassadors

Michael Spitalieri portrait

Michael Spitalieri

Senior Cloud Consultant

Michael is a Senior Cloud Consultant at Mission Cloud Services and a driven cloud engineer with over 15 years of experience and a focus on training, documentation, problem solving, and automation. He brings a wide breadth of knowledge and diverse skill set in supporting large userbases with limited resources.

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How to Generate and Renew an SSL Certificate using Terraform on AWS
article icon
AWS Resources Integration with Azure DevOps Pipelines
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How to Use AWS Cloud-native Services to Process 70K Messages/Second
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AWS Auto-Remediation Principles
Ambassador Since: 2021
Ben Hundley profile

Ben Hundley

Senior Solutions Architect

Ben is a Senior Solutions Architect at Mission Cloud Services. A background in cloud-native and open-source software development has bolstered his current specializations in DevOps, which include system architecture, containerization, networking, and general automation.

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Amazon Elasticsearch Service Overview
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Why Outsourcing DevOps Makes Sense
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Modern App Deployment with AWS CodePipeline
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Driving DevOps Engagement with Great Architecture Diagrams and QA Procedures
Ambassador Since: 2021