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Cost Optimization

AWS Pricing Calculator 2021.1: Updates & Improvements

The Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet 2021.1 release features newly updated pricing, instance types, regions and more.

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AWS Cost Optimization Strategies

Learn more about the best practices, processes, and tools you need to implement a strong cost management practice on AWS.

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Cutting Storage Costs with Intelligent Tiering for S3

Learn more about how you can leverage AWS Intelligent Tiering to save on storage costs in the AWS cloud.

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AWS Pricing Calculator 2020.2: Updates & Improvements

The Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet 2020.2 release features newly updated pricing, instance types, regions, and support for all three load balancers.

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What is an AWS Savings Plan - Why do You Need One?

Learn more about the AWS Savings Plans offerings — EC2 Instance Savings Plans and Compute Savings Plans.

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EC2 Spot Instances vs. AWS Savings Plans: What are the Potential Savings?

Learn more about the cost savings benefits of EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Savings Plans.

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Choosing the Right AWS Reserved Instance Types

Minimize costs and maximize cloud growth opportunities with discounts AWS offers that you might not be aware of.

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AWS Organizations - Organizing and Controlling Spend

With AWS Organizations, you now have the resources to organize, monitor and implement guard rails to ensure usage and spend are under control. Learn more here

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AWS Instance Scheduler: Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Costs

Learn some quick tips for how to lower your costs on AWS using the AWS Instance Scheduler.

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[Video] Mission Launches Cloud Foundation

Cloud Foundation combines certified experts and robust tooling to give you greater visibility and governance over your AWS environment.

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5 Strategies for Cloud Cost Reduction

To avoid cloud sticker shock, consider working with AWS cloud experts to strategize a cloud cost reduction plan.

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Why AWS Cost Optimization Should be Part of Your Ongoing Cloud Strategy

Working with an AWS Managed Service Provider can help companies maximize immediate and long-term economic and performance benefits. Learn more about AWS Cost Optimization in this article.

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Comparing AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances

This blog post explores the differences between AWS Savings Plans, Reserved Instances, and Mission’s Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program.

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AWS Serverless Architecture Economic Advantages and Benefits

Serverless architectures offer companies several key advantages. Here, we discuss the economic advantages and benefits of AWS serverless architecture.

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AWS Cost Optimization: Architect Your AWS Environment to Save Money

There is a lot of information out there about saving money on AWS, but a lot of it comes with a catch. In this blog post, the Director of Cloud Optimization at Mission, Mike Boudreau, will identify these potential snags and how to avoid them, so you can optimize your success in the cloud.

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