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Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy for Your Business

Learn how to develop your organization's cloud migration strategy, including your options, the top benefits and five steps for getting started.

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The Benefits of Migrating to AWS with a Partner

Learn more about the benefits of migrating to AWS with the help of a trusted managed service provider.

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Moving to the Cloud: How to Convince Your CFO

Learn more about moving to the AWS cloud can help you save money and increase revenue — two facts sure to impress your CFO.

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5 Reasons to Migrate Applications from Heroku to AWS

Learn more about the key differences between Heroku and AWS and why you may be better served by migrating your applications to the AWS cloud.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Website to AWS

Learn more about the benefits of moving your website to the AWS cloud.

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AWS Migration Strategies: The 6 Rs

Learn more about the 6 Rs involved in an AWS migration and how an AWS managed service provider like Mission can help.

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Moving Your SaaS Platforms to AWS: Four Reasons Why it’s a Good Idea

Learn more about why moving your SaaS platform to AWS will increase your organization’s agility and productivity.

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How an AWS Migration Readiness Assessment can Ensure Success and Minimize Risk

Migrating data and applications from on-premises data centers to the cloud can be a major undertaking; to avoid delays, problems, and any number of things that can go sideways during migration we offer the following items to seriously consider to help you assess your AWS migration readiness.

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5 Recommendations to Minimize Data Migration Downtime

A key step of cloud migration is transferring on-premises data to the Cloud. Learn how Mission can optimize the process to minimize data migration downtime.

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Cloud Migration Strategies

Learn more about how Mission, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, drives effective migration to the cloud by leveraging TSO Logic and CloudEndure.

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5 Things to Think About as You Plan Your Cloud Migration

Your journey to the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to know what to look out for. If you’re planning to make a shift to the cloud, here are five important aspects to keep in mind.

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The Advantages and Considerations of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

What are the advantages of cloud computing in healthcare and how can a certified cloud provider help address key considerations? Learn more in this blog.

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Choosing an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner For Your Cloud Migration

Do you have privacy and compliance concerns for your upcoming cloud migration? Learn how Cloud Consulting Partners and Managed Service Providers with the AWS Healthcare Competency can help healthcare and life sciences companies with cloud migration.

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Why are Healthcare and Life Science Companies Moving to the Cloud?

Learn more about how healthcare and life science companies are saving money and improving efficiency by moving to the cloud.

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8 Pro Tips for Making an Amazon RDS Migration Go Smoothly

Principal Solutions Architect at Mission The hard truth of RDS migrations is that they never go off without a hitch.

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