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Dreamworks Animation

“In the high-profile entertainment industry, maintaining compliance for security purposes is critical. We were very impressed by the level of flexibility Mission was able to bring to the solution in such a short amount of time.”

Justin Decker
Director of Platform Services


"Mission’s Managed Services on the AWS platform has exceeded our expectations and SLAs. Mission implemented industry best practices in terms of security, storage, and redundancy, in addition to giving us more transparency with our AWS bill. With Mission’s services we feel assured that our AWS infrastructure is well managed and maintained to meet our stringent requirements."

Moudy Elbayadi
Chief Information Officer


“By relying on Mission to manage and monitor our AWS cloud platform, we no longer have to spend time on system maintenance and stability. That makes it a lot easier for our internal team to focus on building and improving features so we can deliver better apps to our customers.”

Steve Huff
Site Reliability Engineer

Topgolf Media

“We don’t want to mess with servers. We want to focus on development.”

Phil Gorrow
Chief Technology Officer


“Mission impresses us with their cloud expertise—they are a great sounding board for any questions we have and always bring us up-to-speed quickly on any new AWS features. With their help, we have practically created a ‘push-button’ environment in the cloud.”

Scott McKay
Chief Technology Officer


“I’ve worked with a variety of hosting companies in the past and Mission – by far – has been the best. My agency typically makes site launches outside of the typical business hours. Mission always make themselves available and are very pleasant to work with. They go the extra mile and make my job easier.”

Becca Manning
Digital Producer

Precision for Medicine

“The Mission team developed and executed an effective migration plan for that helped us to control overall costs and resources. Post migration, Mission assumed an ongoing management and support role.”

John Morgan
Senior Vice President of Technology

Peregrine Energy Group

“Mission is a great cloud computing partner—we rely on them to understand how to correctly configure various AWS components such as subnets and security groups. They also manage our backups and are helping to steer us onto the right the path for automating many AWS processes.”

Sam Gechter
Vice President of Product Management and Operations

The Active Network, Inc

“Mission’s managed services for AWS have allowed us to scale our operations and provided invaluable expertise in managing the public cloud. Their services filled the gap we had with AWS and enabled us to augment our team while still utilizing our own internal IT processes and controls. This enabled us to better, and more quickly, respond to business needs within the organization.”

Greg Ingino
Chief Information Officer


“We no longer have 30 servers with bad connectivity. We now have over 300 servers with really good, solid, consistent connectivity. With Mission and AWS, we have been able to focus our resources on scaling the business, not scaling the supporting infrastructure.”

Marc Furlong
Director of Technology


“Shortly after Mission architected our AWS environment, we closed on three new partners and now have several more in our pipeline — Mission plays a key role in our company’s growth.”

John Healy
Vice President of Informatics


“Partnering with Mission to help us manage our AWS environment allows us to keep our internal team lean. We don’t have to worry about the infrastructure around the clock, and we can focus on automating the deployment and management of our software.”

Rob Friedman
Senior Vice President of Engineering


“Mission completed our AWS network deployment project in two weeks that would have taken us two months, given our bandwidth. That represents a significant opportunity cost-savings since it allowed us to roll out new services to clients sooner.”

Angus McCandlish
Head of Software Development


“The best aspect of Mission is the customization of their solutions to our specific needs. As opposed to just buying an off-the-shelf, server-side stack, Mission helped us to define our needs and estimate the usage growth over time in order to provide the most cost-efficiency for each stage of our products.”

Vitor Pamplona
Chief Technology Officer & Founder


“We needed to focus on our core competencies. Even if we wanted to be number one at running a datacenter, we’re not going to compete with Amazon.”

Brendan McKernan

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