AWS Expertise to Make Your Big Vision a Reality.

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Take a deep dive into your infrastructure’s architecture and potential roadblocks.

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Get expert fingers-on-keyboards help working through technical challenges.

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Build a strategic agenda to guide your ongoing infrastructure development.

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Align the Power of the Cloud with the Power of Your Business

No matter where you are in your adoption of the cloud, our mission is to help you work smarter, more efficiently, and with greater impact. Our team of AWS Certified expert consultants will dive deep into your existing infrastructure, current challenges, and near-term objectives, as well as your big vision for both your technology environment and your business. We’ll help you identify opportunities for quick wins—ways to tighten security, optimize costs, improve user experience, or accelerate deployment—and we’ll develop a strategic roadmap to guide your company’s ongoing development efforts and make that big vision a practical reality.

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AWS Strategic Cloud Consulting Case Study:


With growing demand for their platform, ZappRx needed to expand data center computing capacity by either building an on-premise data center or moving to a cloud platform provider. ZappRx turned to Mission and AWS to set up the AWS environment, transitioning to the cloud with minimal business interruptions.

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Roadmap Your Infrastructure Initiatives

The awesome power of the cloud brings with it a dizzying array of technologies, tools, opportunities, and choices. We’ll help you sort through that complexity and identify the initiatives most important to your business. Armed with a clear understanding of your existing infrastructure and organizational objectives, we’ll build your company’s Strategic Technology Roadmap, a comprehensive plan to guide your cloud initiatives from where you are right now to the achievement of your big vision. We’ll identify high-impact initiatives, quick wins, and areas that require additional discovery or analysis, and we’ll set implementation priorities to ensure your technology infrastructure aligns with your business strategy.

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Triage Your Cloud Initiatives

We’ll help you determine what issues are critical and where you should focus your longer-term efforts.

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Accurately Scope Your Projects

Avoid unanticipated cost overruns and missed deadlines by fully understanding the scope of upcoming initiatives before you start.

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Set Clear Strategic Priorities

Leverage Mission’s deep experience and expertise to make smart choices about sequencing and prioritization.

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Your Next Steps to Fully Harnessing the Cloud

After your Mission Strategic Consulting engagement, you have a range of next steps available to you. While some customers choose to use the Strategic Technology Roadmap and Well-Architected Review to direct their internal team, most Mission customers elect to leverage Mission’s team of AWS and DevOps experts to help implement the initiatives in the Roadmap. Our suite of Managed Cloud and Professional Services offers a comprehensive range of both operational support, implementation resources, and ongoing strategic guidance to help you harness the power of the cloud to achieve your mission.

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