The Challenge

Prior to approaching Mission, PFM was setting up individual VM’s per project creating an unorganized and messy environment. As a result, PFM wanted to migrate their PATH™ instances into a new AWS environment, but lacked the resources, manpower, and expertise to do so. PFM did not want to spend the capital on creating an environment for PATH™ that only had capacity for estimated projects, so the AWS model was perfect as they were able to spin environments up and down to save money. In addition, PFM is frequently audited by their clients and needs to be compliant with a host of IT and Healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

“We don’t want to mess with servers. We want to focus on development.”

Phil Gorrow
Chief Technology Officer

The Solution

TopGolf Media (formerly World Golf Tour) needed to expand their Facebook/mobile sports games and had three primary IT concerns: reducing the upfront capital risked in case projections were not met, scalability to handle greater than anticipated demand, and ease of manageability so they could focus on innovation instead of managing servers.

TGM turned to Mission to build and manage the infrastructure of their proprietary sports game. Mission worked closely with the TGM development and operations teams to build a highly available, scalable website and mobile application on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) using industry-standard DevOps tools and practices, such as Chef and CloudFormation.

When first released, and without any advertisement, WGT Baseball: MLB quickly became the largest baseball game on Facebook and had the infrastructure capacity to meet demands. Mission took full advantage of the scalability and elasticity that AWS provides. This eliminated the need for TGM to assume their future demand and potentially over-provision their capacity, whereby reducing cost while increasing availability and performance.

  • Using Chef and CloudFormation, Mission was able to create multiple, similar environments where changes could be staged/tested on an identically configured environment, prior to releasing to production.
  • Taking advantage of AWS’s ability to scale EC2 instances either vertically or horizontally, Mission was able to design an architecture that was high-performance, resilient and ecient, without having to guess capacity needs.
  • Building the infrastructure across multiple availability zones helped to ensure that the
  • infrastructure was fault-tolerant, and could sustain a failure of any component, including an entire data center with little to no impact on the end-user.


  • Scaled to handle millions of mobile gamers
  • Gained visibility into every aspect of the infrastructure
  • Visualized log data in the Elastic stack to further optimize
  • Helped TopGolf to understand and control where they are spending money
About Topgolf Media

WGT is the leading sports-based social gaming company and creator of the popular website and mobile application, WGT: World Golf Tour, an online virtual golf game that is played on real golf courses around the world using a patented 3D technology. With the wide success of, WGT wanted to expand to a new virtual sports game centered around baseball to offer users more playing options.

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