Mission Cloud One

A Comprehensive Service for AWS Optimization, Operations & Security

Service overview

Mission Cloud One

One managed service for your entire AWS cloud environment

Mission Cloud One is a comprehensive managed cloud service where our team of AWS-certified experts continuously monitors, maintains, optimizes, and helps you to secure your environment. We cover the operational burden of managing your AWS environment so you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Benefits of Our AWS Managed Services


24/7 Proactive Support

Get round-the-clock monitoring and incident management with proactive support, backed by AWS Enterprise-grade SLAs so timely help is always available and ready to respond on your behalf.


Managed Operations

Handle system maintenance, address vulnerabilities, and manage the day-to-day needs of your AWS infrastructure, including OS updates, patching, and backup activities, with our AWS-certified CloudOps team.


Proactive Cost Optimization

Continuous monitoring, guidance, and consultation on your AWS spending from our team of Cloud Analysts to improve your cost efficiency, gain greater insight into how you spend, and forecast how you’ll grow.


Harden & De-Risk Your Cloud

Our cloud analysts will review your alerts and work in tandem with your support team to identify incident trends, attacks, and vulnerabilities, giving you the guidance you need to architect for security and compliance obligations.


Proactive Guidance on Best Practices

Get guidance on best practices for performance, reliability, and efficiency, through regular meetings with your team of Cloud Analysts.


Industry-Leading Tooling & Expertise

Enjoy integrated tooling, including New Relic One, Alert Logic Professional, and CloudHealth by VMware, along with the guidance of experts to make the most of their capabilities.

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Mission Control

A cloud services platform tailor-built for AWS

Mission Control is the first of its kind, a cloud services platform. It lives at the intersection of cloud management platforms, work management platforms, and cloud managed services, but is built specifically for AWS. With Mission Control, you get visibility of your cloud environment paired with real-time access to our teams of AWS experts.

Mission Control is included when you become a customer of Mission Cloud One.

Why Mission Cloud One?

Daily operations and management of your AWS environment takes valuable time away from engineers. As the burden of being on-call grows, you may find it harder to attract, hire, and retain talent.


Get Peace of Mind

We monitor and manage the performance of your environment in real time to ensure uptime, reliability, and security.


Reduce Operational Burden

Reduce your operational overhead and risk; spend more time on customer interactions and new initiatives.


Become Well Architected

Our analysts help you to become well architected so you can focus on executing your vision.


Secure Your Cloud

AWS has designated us as a Level 1 Managed Security Services Provider and we are backed by Alert Logic’s certified SOC analysts.

Industry-Leading Tooling

Cloud Optimization & Foundational Best Practices

We use the leading cloud management platform, CloudHealth by VMware, to analyze your environment for cost savings opportunities. These tools give you greater visibility and control of costs, and we supercharge them by contextualizing their suggestions to your specific goals, situation, and needs.

Comprehensive AWS Operational Support

Our AWS-certified CloudOps team mitigates operational issues and helps drive continuous improvement by analyzing key performance metrics and trends in ticketing and alerts. Using New Relic One, we monitor your infrastructure and track its changes over time, tune your alerts to ensure the right items get attention, and conduct root cause analysis when incidents occur.

Security Insights and Proactive Incident Management

We conduct round-the-clock attack and intrusion detection with the help of Alert Logic and their certified SOC analysts. We collaborate with you to develop runbooks for handling incidents and respond and remediate based on these parameters. With the help of your team of Cloud Analysts, we recommend ways to harden your environment, mitigate vulnerabilities, and meet compliance obligations.


12 Hidden Costs and Hurdles to Managing AWS Infrastructure

With an estimated 91 percent of organizations now using a public cloud, many lack the bandwidth, internal resources, and expertise to manage their infrastructure properly. Aspects like monitoring, proactive improvements, and cost optimization typically require substantial legwork that may occupy engineers and pull them away from core business initiatives.

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Personalized AWS Monitoring & Support

Proactive Consulting & Hands-On Support

Our blend of round-the-clock proactive support and proactive guidance helps you to optimize costs, modernize with best practices alignment, and fearlessly take on new initiatives.


Personalized Insights & Recommendations

Get personalized recommendations on how to optimize your AWS environment for cost, efficiency, performance, and your long-term objectives.


Tailored Technical Support

With a 1:10 engineer-to-customer ratio, we provide greater attention to your utilization of AWS resources and more timely responses to your technical and general support requests.


Proactive Analysis & Inspection

A team of Clouds Analysts audits your AWS environment and supports cases on a regular basis to analyze the health, performance, and security of your AWS environment.


“We pushed to get the AWS infrastructure under Mission Cloud’s control so we could have a single source for monitoring our environment. We can sleep better knowing that Mission Cloud is keeping close tabs on things that are happening. They provide us with a higher level of security and monitoring of our environment 24/7 so we can focus on our front-end and back-end applications.”

Jonathan Fishbeck, Founder and CEO

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