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Cloud management and optimization no longer require sacrificing performance for cost. When you partner with Mission Cloud, you don’t have to choose between cost and performance – you can have both. Let us monitor your environment to continuously identify opportunities for cost optimization and accelerate your cloud performance. We work to manage and optimize your cloud journey and enable your organization to focus on what’s important, focusing on growing your business.

AWS Cloud Operations

Mission Cloud provides AWS-certified engineers, architects, and CloudOps support that manage your cloud infrastructure and applications around the clock, ensuring optimal performance and uptime. Our industry-leading monitoring tool (New Relic) and ticketing system help quickly identify and resolve your issues, minimizing downtime and guiding you to the most effective solution for your problem.


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AWS Cost Optimization

Reduce technology spend by operating in the cloud with an optimized environment and continuous transparency. As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with FinOps expertise, cloud financial management, and AWS discount programs, Mission Cloud provides a team with proven tools and processes to give you visibility and oversight of your AWS usage and spend.


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AWS Cloud Governance

Defining your organization’s governance policies and procedures in cost optimization, data, and security allows for a more agile business. Our cloud experts leverage their knowledge, AWS best practices, and leading platforms to set up your cloud environment for success beyond project completion.

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Reserved Instance & Savings Plans Optimization

Our expertise in Reserved Instance (RI) & Savings Plans (SPs) allow for additional savings on your AWS bill. Amazon Reserved Instances (RIs) provide your business with the opportunity for significant savings on your Amazon EC2 costs compared to On-Demand pricing. RIs & SPs can be challenging to navigate since they can be risky and confusing. With Mission Cloud, we can purchase, sell, and renew RIs & SPs on your behalf. We can also continuously manage your RIs & SPs, so your team can focus on growing your business.


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12 Hidden Costs and Hurdles to Managing AWS Infrastructure

Review the 12 hidden costs and hurdles to managing AWS infrastructure on your own, and how working with a managed service provider like Mission can help.

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