The Challenge

DreamWorks Animation was interested in outsourcing some of their Centralized Log Management needs to a third party to allow them to focus more on their core business. After consideration, they determined that an open-source solutivon developed, managed, and monitored by a third-party service provider would be ideal. A major requirement was that their vendor provide a security focused solution that utilized continuous compliance solutions to ensure security.

Mission, as part of its Managed ELK Stack service, deployed a comprehensive ELK Stack solution to collect and manage log data for DreamWorks Animation. With Mission’s Continuous Compliance tool’s data, the studio was able to create customized dashboards within their dedicated ELK Stack to meet their security and audit requirements.

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John Doe
CTO at DreamWorks

The Solution

  • OSSec intrusion detection agents installed on all servers to continuously monitor the compliance of operating systems and alert on unauthorized activity and changes
  • Implemented Amazon Web Services (AWS) Config Service for security best practices
  • Utilized AWS CloudTrail Service for reporting and auditing purposes
  • Leveraged Chef code and AWS CloudFormation to codify Mission’s IT best practices and ensure all changes to the customers infrastructures were well documented through both change and configuration management processes


  • Implementation of AWS security best practices
  • Continuous compliance
  • Quick visibility and insights into system data
  • Insight to reduce attack vector and network interruptions
About Dreamworks

DreamWorks Animation creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series, and live entertainment properties meant for audiences around the world.

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