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Mission's Enterprise Support

Learn more about Mission Enterprise Support, a comprehensive, concierge-like service that offers comprehensive technical support, and cost optimization benefits.

What is Mission Enterprise Support?

In partnership with AWS, Mission Enterprise Support is a comprehensive, concierge-like service that offers comprehensive technical support, cost optimization benefits, and bundled CloudCheckr, the leading cloud management platform. Combining AWS' flexible cloud platform with Mission's additional layers of value, Mission's Enterprise Support is designed to meet your mission and achieve your desired outcomes, so you can find success in the cloud.

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Discover the Benefits

Architectural guidance and regular check-ins with your Technical Account Manager are just two of the Mission Enterprise Support benefits. Learn more below.

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Support for AWS

Mission offers 24X7 phone, email, and web access to 100% AWS-certified Mission support resources for troubleshooting guidance, questions, and issue resolution.

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Architectural Guidance

Throughout the partnership, we will proactively guide you on how to apply AWS best practices to your AWS environment to optimize performance, increase security, and reduce costs.

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Launch Support

Mission expertise on standby to guide you every step of the way for upcoming launches and migrations so you can avoid common pitfalls and achieve the outcome you want.

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Well-Architected Consulting

An annual consultative review of your application architecture and cloud operations, and advice for improvement based on industry best practices.

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Technical Account Manager (TAM)

With Mission Enterprise Support, you get a Mission TAM who will be your go-to technical advisor, internal advocate, and main escalation point to all other Mission subject-matter experts.

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Regular Account Review

A regularly scheduled meeting with your Mission team to review the state of your AWS environment, discuss your business objectives, and find ways to help you gain a competitive advantage.

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Cloud Optimization Support

Access to resources and tooling designed to help you reduce costs, uncover security gaps, and identify other improvements.

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Reserved Instance (RI) Support

Mission cloud optimization resources to assist you with customized RI recommendations and implementation in order to drive down your compute costs.

Mission Enterprise Support Options

Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and those requiring support have varying needs, motivations, and challenges based on their level of spend. Here is a breakdown of the services provided for Mission Enterprise Support Basic and Mission Enterprise Support Plus.

Services Mission Enterprise Support Basic Mission Enterprise Support Plus
SLA High High
Architectural Guidance Medium High
Proactive Programs Partially Included Included
Technical Account Mgr No Yes
Concierge Support Yes Yes
CloudCheckr Access Yes Yes
Enables EDP Yes Yes
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Leverage EDP with Mission Enterprise Support

Mission Enterprise Support fulfills AWS’ requirement for the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), providing access to significant discounts on AWS services to well-qualified customers. To better understand how your organization can benefit from an EDP, request a free 60-minute consultation today.

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