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AWS Professional Services on Demand

Our AWS-certified engineers are ready to help you succeed with your next cloud project.


Get the Expertise You Need for Your Initiatives

Reaching an optimized AWS environment isn’t easy, especially if you’re short on in-house expertise, resources and time. We help you to fulfill the promise of a scalable, performant, reliable, and efficient cloud environment.

Mission Cloud is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and cloud managed services provider with a team of cloud experts ready to help you on your next project. Our AWS-certified engineers can guide you through migrating and modernizing your environment, working with your data, and building the applications that make your business run. 

Professional Services

Get Engineering And Support For Every Initiative

Enlist trusted expertise to guide you through the design and implementation of robust, scalable cloud-native solutions. Capitalize on all that AWS offers — enhanced speed, performance, reliability and cost efficiency — with our engineers and architects.

  • AWS Migrations

    We’ve helped hundreds of customers migrate from on-premises, public clouds, PaaS providers like Heroku or Rackspace.

    As part of our process we design a detailed migration plan that aligns with your objectives, analyze your Total Cost of Ownership, and migrate according to AWS best practices to ensure a smooth and secure transition. We’ll also help you navigate and qualify for AWS’s myriad funding programs to offset your costs wherever possible.

  • AWS Modernization

    Modernizing your AWS environment and applications is the key to maximizing the operational and cost advantages AWS offers. Our experts will design your CI/CD pipeline, help you break monoliths into microservices, containerize your workloads, and upgrade to serverless computing to minimize your operational overhead, helping you to ensure a seamless and secure environment that’s efficient, reliable, and scalable.

  • Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

    When you properly collect and analyze your data, you’ll make better business decisions than competitors who don’t. Whether you’re getting that data into AWS for the first time or designing your own ML models, our data experts help you at every step of your data-driven journey. Get expert guidance with data engineering and analytics, visualization, data science, generative AI, ML algorithms, and AI/ML operations. 

    Build your data lake, streamline your data architecture and redesign your ETL pipelines, build a custom generative AI agent — whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them.

  • DevOps

    DevOps support enables your developer teams to move faster while making your architecture more resilient, secure, and fault-tolerant. We modernize your account and access structures, automate deployments with Infrastructure as Code, accelerate your CI/CD pipeline, secure and monitor your configurations, and containerize your workloads.

    By leveraging proven technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, and Git with AWS services like AWS Control Tower, AWS Fargate, Amazon OpenSearch, and AWS Lambda, we make your journey from commit to production seamless and rapid. 

  • Cloud-Native Application Development

    Your application’s front-end is just as important as the infrastructure which supports it. With our software developers, we help you create cloud-native applications or modernize existing ones to perform better while paying down technical debt.

    Have a novel idea? We can help you build it, taking you from greenfield idea to best-in-class software. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, we bring your applications to life, regardless of size or complexity.

  • AWS Cloud Security

    Navigating security and compliance requirements while operating in a way that suits your business can be complicated. As an AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider, we guide you on security best practices, modernize your infrastructure to harden your security, conduct penetration testing, and help you to implement monitoring, logging, alerting, and access and configuration controls with AWS native services.

“For any organization like ours looking to modernize with containers on AWS, I would say run — don’t walk — to engage with Mission. Mission came in as a trusted partner, let us lean on them to do the heavy lifting, and helped us build the container architecture that had long been on our wish list. I highly recommend Mission both for the deep expertise and delightful customer experience it provides."

Colleen Blakelock
former Director of Engineering, Infrastructure and Security at Trove

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