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Retail on AWS

Cloud-native and AI solutions that scale with consumer demand

A best-in-class brand requires best-in-class digital experiences.

Shopping is now digital-first and led by consumers who want sustainable, responsible products and omnichannel experiences. We equip you to meet these challenges head-on, streamlining supply chains and inventory management, personalizing customer experiences with AI, and giving you granular, actionable analytics.

“Mission Cloud’s wide range of services has given us the flexibility to leverage their deep AWS expertise on various projects and support services, simplifying our interaction and making Mission Cloud the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of our partner community.”

Jim Bahrenburg
Chief Information Officer, Good Food Holdings

From e-commerce giants and global airlines to family-owned and operated boutiques—we've helped retail businesses of all sizes serve their customers.

 Companies we serve

  • Ecommerce

    You need frictionless online shopping experiences with integrated analytics to drive profitability. We build e-commerce platforms and the data architectures and ML models that optimize them, ensuring your storefront is always available and customer transactions are secure.

  • Consumer Goods

    You need a reliable supply chain, back office support, and a seamless data layer for orchestrating operations. We design and build inventory and order management systems and develop data architectures that even non-experts can query with natural language and generative BI.

  • Food & Wellness

    You need to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety while keeping your merchandise tracked and on time. We help you adapt to changes in demand swiftly, ensure supply chain resilience, and deliver personalized nutrition and wellness experiences.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    You need seamless and memorable guest experiences that build brand loyalty while keeping operations optimized. We build and operate ML models to analyze guest sentiment, predict consumer behavior, and identify and remediate friction in your operations.

 Our Capabilites

  • Omnichannel experiences

    Create unified shopping experiences across all platforms, ensuring storefront performance and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Hyperflexible Architecture

    Architect an infrastructure that can scale for any pattern of demand and recover from failure, no matter how large or unexpected traffic gets.

  • Generative Business Intelligence (BI)

    Have a conversation with your data; use natural language to investigate opportunities for improvement or disruption.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

    Get real-time insights into your supply chain to eliminate waste and friction, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

  • Customer prediction & recommendation

    Operate customized and evolving ML models to identify trends and drive growth with personalized recommendations.

  • Legacy & AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and other public clouds and design your architecture according to industry best practices.


Our retail vision

The future of retail is not a compromise between sustainability and profitability but one in which these are united in the cloud and each improves the other. Partner with us to build the next generation of retail.

“By relying on Mission to manage and monitor our AWS cloud platform, we no longer have to spend time on system maintenance and stability. That makes it a lot easier for our internal team to focus on building and improving features so we can deliver better apps to our customers.”

Steve Huff
Site Reliability Engineer, Runkeeper

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