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AWS Instance Scheduler: Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Costs

Learn some quick tips for how to lower your costs on AWS using the AWS Instance Scheduler.

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SMBs and the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security and Compliance

Mission and Alert Logic provide the tools and expertise needed to help SMBs manage and monitor cloud workloads for optimal performance and security.

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How Amazon WorkSpaces Can Help SMBs Go Serverless

Learn more about how Amazon WorkSpaces can help SMBs save money, ensure high availability, and improve security best practices.

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Mission is Well-Prepared as Coronavirus Escalates

We have been preparing our team and business since January to be able to continuously deliver our services to our customers.

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AWS Container Monitoring Tools Comparison

Learn more about different container monitoring tools on AWS and the best ways that customers can leverage them.

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Mission’s Spring 2020 Internship Program Begins

Learn more about Mission’s internship program and our commitment to mentorship and diversity in the world of tech.

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[Video] Mission Launches Cloud Foundation

Cloud Foundation combines certified experts and robust tooling to give you greater visibility and governance over your AWS environment.

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AWS Cloudwatch Metrics: Leveraging an Essential Performance Monitoring Service

Amazon Web Services CloudWatch is a powerful cloud-monitoring tool, but cutting through its complexity may require the assistance of cloud experts.

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Five Strategies for Cloud Cost Reduction

To avoid cloud sticker shock, consider working with AWS cloud experts to strategize a cloud cost reduction plan.

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How to Meet California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Requirements with AWS

Businesses preparing to comply with CCPA can benefit by doing so via AWS tools with the assistance from an experienced managed service provider.

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How Running Containers on AWS Can Shorten Code Deployment

Here, we discuss how running containers on AWS can shorten code deployment and optimize the entire development process.

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The Advantages of Running SQL Server on AWS

Running SQL Server on AWS has several advantages over running SQL Server in on-premises data centers. This blog lists the reasons to give businesses confidence in making the move and seeking the guidance of an AWS partner.

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AWS Microsoft Licensing: The Advantages of BYOL

Customers have the option of bringing existing Microsoft licenses to AWS. This blog discusses the various AWS Microsoft licensing options and the benefit of working with an experienced AWS partner.

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How to Build Microservices on AWS

In the second and final post in this series, learn how to build microservices on AWS as well as some Mission and AWS case studies featuring customers who leveraged microservices for their businesses.

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Why AWS Cost Optimization Should be Part of Your Ongoing Cloud Strategy

Working with an AWS Managed Service Provider can help companies maximize immediate and long-term economic and performance benefits. Learn more about AWS Cost Optimization in this article.

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