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Amazon EBS vs EFS vs S3: Picking the Best AWS Storage Option for Your Business

What is the best data storage option for your business? Here, we compare three popular options: Amazon EBS vs EFS vs S3.

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Building Modern Data Infrastructure on AWS

Learn how to build a modern data infrastructure in AWS, assessing key factors such as importing and ingesting, governance and lineage, pipeline development and visualization.

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Understanding the Basics of Data Lakes

Learn how to harness the power of data engineering and analytics with data lakes. Discover the value of data lakes, how they differ from data warehouses, and whether you should take a build or buy approach.

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Why Use Managed Cloud Services for Security?

Learn how to improve your cloud’s security, preserve business focus, and use resources efficiently by working with a managed cloud provider.

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Best Practices for Container Security on AWS

Containers have changed how we deploy software. Learn how to better protect your containerized applications from external threats.

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Get Started With Amazon Redshift Stored Procedures

To help you get started, this article shows you how to create and call stored procedures in Amazon Redshift. All you need to follow along is some basic SQL or programming experience.

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Container Usage: Have You Thought About Your Container Security Strategy?

Learn more about how Mission and Alert Logic can help your organization implement an effective container security strategy.

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The Top 10 Security Tools for Your AWS Environment

Learn more about the top ten AWS security tools you should consider using to improve your security posture in 2021 and beyond.

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The Benefits of Migrating to AWS with a Partner

Learn more about the benefits of migrating to AWS with the help of a trusted managed service provider.

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Moving to the Cloud: How to Convince Your CFO

Learn more about moving to the AWS cloud can help you save money and increase revenue — two facts sure to impress your CFO.

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AWS Root Account Security Best Practices

Learn more about AWS Root Account security best practices from Mission’s Senior Cloud Analyst.

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AWS Pricing Calculator 2021.1: Updates & Improvements

The Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet 2021.1 release features newly updated pricing, instance types, regions and more.

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The Problem of Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

Stop dedicating internal resources to IT work that doesn’t support your KPI’s— hire a managed service provider to do the undifferentiated heavy lifting for you.

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Mission’s 2020 End-of-Year Recap

Learn more about what Mission accomplished in 2020.

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Mission Talks: AWS Serverless Session Re:Invent 2020 Insights [Video]

In this blog, Mission cloud consulting experts dive into some of the highlights from the serverless leadership session at re:Invent 2020.

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