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4 Things your Boss needs to know about Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community happens every year in Las Vegas – re:Invent! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the Cloud, so if your boss is suddenly talking about it, that is probably why.

Making the switch to the Cloud isn’t a one-person operation. One of the most important aspects of it is getting the whole team on board – and that includes your boss. These tips and talking points are what your boss needs to know before making the jump.

1. Cost

Switching to Amazon Web Services (AWS) has some huge cost saving potential for businesses. When compared to building, launching and maintaining your own private cloud or in-house network solution, AWS offers savings both of time and finances. With AWS, you pay for only the services you use and don’t need to worry about scaling your internal systems to handle your heaviest traffic times.

AWS also constantly updates and innovates their technology offerings in ways a single company couldn’t manage. With this, upgrades are no longer your responsibility but you get to reap the rewards of new technology on a regular basis. Plus with AWS, you pay as you go so there aren’t the high upfront costs of a traditional IT setup. This makes it much easier on the monthly budget as a line item.

2. Elasticity

Another huge benefit to AWS is the flexibility that the platform offers. It is easy to scale up and down the amount of resources needed. As workloads increase, adding additional resources in the short term is a viable solution. There isn’t a need to buy new machines as new ones can be deployed from the cloud instantly. Once those resources are no longer needed, they can be disabled. There is no waiting and you end up not having to pay for resources you aren’t using.

3. Security

AWS brings security to a whole new level, with physical security a top priority including non-descript buildings, extensive checks and rechecks of personnel and privileges. Your information is safe and secure. It also removes the need for physical backups since information kept on AWS is stored in multiple servers in different locations around the world – literally. AWS currently has over 50 secure locations across the world for security and stability.

4. Focus on your strengths

Major companies like Netflix and Nintendo make use of AWS for their digital delivery platforms. Netflix wants to be the best in the world for providing new and innovative shows and movies, not building a world class infrastructure to support their streaming service. Nintendo is the same with using AWS for both their gaming consoles, the WiiU and 3DS, as a way to process online gaming leaving them free to design and develop new games instead of managing a server farm to handle their players’ traffic.

This is the same mentality that smaller businesses should have as well. By focusing on your business’s core competencies, and not on ancillary services tied to information systems, it creates a faster, stronger and more effective business model.

This is just the beginning of the benefits offered by Amazon Web Services and the cloud. Mission offers a wide variety of solutions for companies looking to make the jump to the cloud and we’re just an email away.

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