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AWS Data Engineering & Analytics Overview

Turn data into a powerful driving force to accelerate business innovation and growth

Data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision-making than those who rely less on data. It’s no wonder an increasing number of companies are turning to data and analytics to gain actionable insights, make informed decisions, and capitalize on business opportunities.

Although it’s easy to see the obvious value and potential that data holds, the path to harnessing it can be obscure and cost-intensive. Where do you start? What’s the best solution? Who and what do you need? How much will it cost? Mission Cloud can answer all your data questions and offers a comprehensive Data & Analytics practice for every step in your data-driven journey, no matter where you’re at.

Benefits of Data Engineering & Analytics with Mission Cloud

Data expertise and experience you can count on

As an AWS Data and Analytics Competency partner, Mission Cloud will help you successfully plan, design, and build a reliable and scalable data infrastructure to ingest, store, supplement, process, visualize, and analyze data in your AWS environment.

Navigate Build vs. Buy Decision
Take a consultative approach to determine which data solutions make the most sense for your business.
Team of AWS & Data Experts
Solve data challenges with a team of AWS cloud and data experts at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.
Improve Data Governance
Monitor all data on an ongoing basis to ensure best practices for regulatory compliance.
Tailored Data Solution for Your Needs
Customize your data and analytics approach to meet your specific use case and objectives.
Visualize & Identify Patterns with Business Insights
Build dashboards and gain insights with BI tools such as Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, and Power BI.
Drive Data-Driven Decision Making
Detect anomalies in new data, recommend unique activities for customers, and make better decisions to inform courses of action.

Optimize Your Data Infrastructure & Movement on AWS

Data-driven business intelligence is now within your reach

Whether you are looking to establish a new data lake, lakehouse, warehouse/mart, or need to modernize an outdated and underperforming data pipeline, our data engineering and analytics expertise and capabilities have you covered. Mission Cloud is equipped with deep data and analytics knowledge and experience to transform your data pipelines into robust systems tuned and prepared for business analytics.

Realize the competitive advantages of modernized data architecture, strategy, and tools faster and cost-effectively with our data engineering and analytics service offering:

Data ingestion jobs (moving data into the data lake)
Design and build the base data lake (S3 buckets, security, networking, data governance, data lineage, permissions)
Create data pipelines (ETL jobs, transformations, connections, and tools)
Data warehouses/marts (Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Amazon RDS)
Data lake customization and ad hoc projects involving the AWS Data Stack
Data lakehouses (Delta Lake, Real-Time processing)
AWS data modernization (move to AWS Data Infrastructure like Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift or Amazon Aurora)
BI/Visualization tools (Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, PowerBI)
Brian Y.
Director of Engineering

Expert Guidance & Support When You Need it Most

Experience & skills that deliver successful outcomes

As an AWS Data and Analytics Competency partner, Mission Cloud will help you successfully plan, design, and build a reliable and scalable data infrastructure to ingest, store, supplement, process, visualize, and analyze data in your AWS environment.

Engagement Manager
Lead Scrum meetings
Project tracking & reporting
Risk and issue management
Resource management
Action tracking
Data Consultant
Define data infrastructure and appropriate microservices
Develop overall organizational data strategy
Technical PMM
Review code
Data Engineer
Business intelligence/ visualization tools
Design and build data lakes
Data ingestion jobs
Create data pipelines
Design and build a data warehouses/marts
Data Architect
Define data architecture
Define proof of concepts
Create visualization concepts
Define data pipelines
Setup data governance strategies
Customer success story


7SIGNAL’s existing architecture was not able to efficiently leverage modern cloud services, leading to performance and scalability struggles – and holding back the development of new product capabilities for monitoring customers’ wireless networks.

The company enlisted Mission Cloud to rebuild its AWS architecture and create a new alerting agent application that could analyze millions of streaming data messages daily (and deliver near real-time customer alerts whenever WiFi errors or anomalies occur). With this Mission-designed and verified AWS architecture, 7SIGNAL gains a performant and scalable solution for advancing its services and meeting future customer growth. The company also leverages Mission Cloud’s data, analytics, and machine learning (DAML) practice for bringing its predictive analytics application to market.
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