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Data Engineering and Analytics on AWS

Leverage the Power of Data & Analytics to Elevate Your Business

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Turn Data Into Business Innovation and Growth

Join the growing number of companies that are turning to AWS data analytics to get actionable insights, make informed decisions, and capitalize on business opportunities. Data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision-making, and Mission Cloud can help you reap these benefits.


Expert Guidance and Support When You Need It Most

As an AWS Data and Analytics Competency partner, Mission Cloud will help you successfully plan, design, and build a reliable and scalable data infrastructure to ingest, store, supplement, process, visualize, and analyze data in your AWS environment.

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Team of AWS and Data Experts

Solve data challenges with a team of AWS cloud and data experts at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.


Tailored Data Solution for Your Needs

Customize your data and analytics approach to meet your specific use cases and objectives.


Navigate Build vs. Buy Decision

We take a consultative approach to determine which data solutions make the most sense for your business.


Visualize and Identify Patterns with Business Insights

Build dashboards and gain insights with BI tools such as Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, and Power BI.


Improve Data Governance

Monitor your data on an ongoing basis to ensure best practices for regulatory compliance.


Drive Data-Driven Decision Making

Detect anomalies in new data, recommend unique activities for customers and make better decisions.


Optimize Your Data Infrastructure and Movement on AWS

Our expertise can guide you through the whole process of building a data architecture: whether you’re establishing a data lake, lakehouse, data warehouse or data mart, or you’re modernizing an outdated and underperforming data pipeline. Transform your data pipelines into robust systems tuned and prepared for business analytics.

Take Advantage of Modernized Data Architecture, Strategy and Tools Faster and Cost Effectively

  • Data ingestion jobs (moving data into the data lake)
  • Design and build the base data lake (S3 buckets, security, networking, data governance, data lineage, permissions)
  • Create data pipelines (ETL jobs, transformations, connections, and tools)
  • Data warehouses/marts (Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Amazon RDS)
  • Data lake customization and ad hoc projects involving the AWS Data Stack
  • Data ingestion jobs (moving data into the data lake)
  • AWS data modernization (move to AWS Data Infrastructure like Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift or Amazon Aurora)
  • BI/Visualization tools (Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, PowerBI)

“Mission enables us to focus on confidently delivering (and continuously enhancing) our business-facing products, and as little time as possible pushing buttons to scale AWS architecture or perform maintenance. Bringing on Mission has, and continues to, make a lot of sense for us.”

Russell Wangler
former Chief Technology Officer at 7SIGNAL

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