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AWS Cost Optimization

Optimize AWS Cloud Spend and Maintain Performance

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Empower Your Spending Decisions

Reducing technology spend is a significant benefit of operating in the cloud. However, your AWS spend can become unstable or out of sync with your growth if you don’t have a cost-efficient infrastructure, continuous oversight, and transparent visibility into your environment. 

Gain insight and control over your AWS usage, performance, and costs with our combination of expert guidance, tooling, and proven methods. We’re an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner offering cloud cost optimization services with in-depth expertise in FinOps, cloud cost management, and modernization and manage the spending of hundreds of current AWS customers


Get the Most Out of Your AWS Investment

Turn your AWS environment into an agile, scalable platform that drives financial and operational efficiencies.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Implement Cloud Financial Management

    Cloud Financial Management is essential for operating efficiently in the cloud. Mission Cloud helps you become a more cost-effective organization by providing the expertise, programs, resources, and processes to financially manage your environment.

  • Adopt a Consumption Model

    Pay only for what you need and use, and scale as needed. For example, if development and testing environments are only used for several hours every day we can help you reduce costs by automating lights-off policies for these resources.

  • Stop Spending Money on Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

    AWS handles data center tasks like racking, stacking, and powering servers. Our cloud-managed services relieve the operational strain of managing and maintaining your software stack and applications so you can focus on your business instead of infrastructure.

  • Analyze and Attribute Expenditure

    Mission Cloud makes it easier to identify and analyze the usage and cost of your workloads. Transparent attribution of IT costs to revenue streams and individual owners of various workloads help you measure ROI and enables workload owners a chance to optimize and lower unnecessary costs.

AWS Cost Optimization

Mission Cloud Financial Engineering Programs

By working with Mission Cloud, you'll also be able to take advantage of these additional financial engineering programs that are proven to uncover even more savings off your AWS bill.

  • Instant Discount Program (IDP)

    With Mission Cloud IDP, you can get guaranteed and immediate savings on your monthly AWS bill without a long-term commitment. IDP comes with both of our managed services for additional help with cost optimization and governance.

  • Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program

    Mission Cloud designs a custom strategy to purchase Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) on your behalf, so there is no contractual commitment, no upfront capital commitment, and no risk to you. Stop worrying about usage commitments and get back to building.

  • AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)

    AWS’s EDP offers enterprise companies a substantial, flat discount on AWS spend in exchange for a long-term commitment. Mission Cloud brings expert knowledge and proven experience in negotiating EDPs to help you accurately forecast growth and usage, optimize ahead of commitment to avoid unnecessary spend, and avoid over- or under-committing when designing your discount.

  • AWS Private Pricing Agreement (PPA)

    Private Pricing Agreements offer discounts for businesses which are significant users of a single service, like Amazon CloudFont. Because of the highly individualized nature of Private Pricing Agreements, our team of AWS cloud and cost optimization experts will help you understand and optimize for the right plan for you and help you to get your PPA negotiated and executed.

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Mission Control

The Cloud Services Platform That’s Purpose Built for AWS

Get the tools to unlock visibility into your cloud environment with Mission Control, paired with our CloudOps and Cloud Analyst teams to help you act on its insights and provide FinOps support.

Using CloudHealth by VMware, Cloud Analysts report on your AWS usage and costs as well as opportunities to optimize. You get greater visibility into your cloud and control of costs, and we contextualize the suggestions from this reporting to your specific goals, situations and needs.

“Pre-engagement, I immediately liked the people I was introduced to at Mission. I also liked the demos of the tools I saw, especially CloudHealth for monitoring our AWS spend.  Mission and its FinOps team of Cloud Analysts that we work with have been great, so I'm happy our AWS rep steered us in that direction.  AWS has a high level of service to begin with, but our Mission relationship is gravy on top of that.”

Brian Cunningham
CFO and Executive Vice President at Driven

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