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program overview

AWS’ Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) is for customers ready to commit to long-term growth in AWS. An EDP can save your business a lot of money over time, but structures are complex and mistakes are costly. Mission Cloud is dedicated to due diligence throughout this process, from early conversations to end-stage negotiations. Mission Cloud can help you capture the most value in setting up an EDP. Using the experience, skills, and relationships we’ve built as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, we help you:


Access and Align

Validate current and future resource needs, factor anticipated growth, and calibrate EDP to ensure you are not under or over-utilizing commitment spend.


Gain Premier Support

Gain premier, 24/7, AWS-approved support without paying AWS Enterprise Support prices.


Lower AWS Costs

Monitor your environment to identify potential savings opportunities in real-time and receive clear, actionable guidance to lower costs.


Optimize Your Environment

Optimize your cloud environment for performance, modernity, and security with Mission Cloud Foundation.

Customer Success Story
ODK Media

ODK Media is a provider of online media streaming services that bring overseas Asian programming directly to an American audience. With its engineering teams in South Korea but its user base and corporate leadership in the U.S., ODK sought a U.S.-based AWS partner that could unlock cost savings and provide ongoing cloud optimization. Mission Cloud led significant AWS cost optimization initiatives and helped ODK utilize enterprise discount program (EDP) savings, CloudFront private pricing, business support savings, and reserve instances optimization. As a result, ODK now saves 35% in overall cloud costs since moving to Mission Cloud as its AWS partner.

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Enterprise Discount Program Infosheet

Our Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program is an AWS reservation management service that provides greater optimization and savings without day-to-day management or worrying about financial risks. With the Mission Cloud RIO program, AWS customers with existing reserved instances and savings plans have seen a 210% average increase in optimization and a 7-24% cost reduction in their overall AWS monthly bill.

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