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Generative AI Use Case

Dubbing & Translation Pipelines


What Can Generative AI Do for Media Translation?

Giving your media the power to reach an international audience used to be a time and capital-intensive process: you need to hire translators, native actors, and audio engineers to re-record and rebuild your media. For each new language, multiply that cost and time.

But generative AI is revolutionizing media dubbing. With the capabilities of foundation models and AWS services, like Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Polly, Amazon Bedrock and the Titan foundation model, you can offer real-time translation, voice synchronization, and even capture the emotional nuances of the original performances while reconstituting them in a new language. Ensure that your content resonates with a global audience just as powerfully as it does in its original form.

Am I a fit for Generative AI?

Common Verticals

Solution Fit Criteria

You should consider adopting an AI-powered media dubbing solution if:


  • You want to reach or are already have a multilingual audience
  • You need rapid scalability in content production
  • You have frequent content and updates and need quick turnaround on dubbed versions
  • You have a large array of languages you'd like to translate to simultaneously
  • Translation quality is critical to what you're producing
  • Consistency across various dubbed versions is essential for branding
  • You want to maintain the original performance's voice, emotional, or cultural nuance
  • You’re already operating a traditional dubbing or translation pipeline with the associated costs, operational overhead, and time expenditure

Benefits of Dubbing & Translating with Generative AI

  • Precision & Speed

    Get dubbing tuned to capture both linguistic accuracy and emotional nuance

  • Scalability

    Easily cater to many languages and dialects without extensive overhead

  • Cost Effective

    Significant reduce costs associated with traditional dubbing processes

  • Brand Consistency

    Ensure that your brand's voice remains consistent across languages and regions


A customer example

MagellanTV was looking to expand its reach and internationalize its media platform. While filmed in English, the content had a growing audience of Spanish and Mandarin speakers and they wanted to improve their ability to expand for that audience while improving their accuracy. By using generative AI, we were able to detect English idiom and slang in the original performances. Magellan now has a custom algorithm to identify lines that need adjusting and rebuild them with the combination of Amazon Translate and a trained LLM, and synthesize all of their performances using Polly to dub over the original voices for an end-to-end dubbing platform that can retain the original nuance while preserving the cultural differences between each language.

Our process

Gen AI Use Case flow_Dubbing 2.0

Get Your Pilot Launched

Over a 4 to 6 week period, we’ll construct an engagement to get you up and running. By the end, you’ll have a pilot solution deployed in your environment that’s been designed to accomplish your objectives and demonstrate the potential of a fully scaled architecture.

Design Workshop
(1-2 weeks)

Pilot Deployment
(3-4 weeks)

At the end of the design phase, you get:

  • Data and infrastructure design
  • Use case prioritization and roadmap
  • Defined business use case
  • Defined success criteria
  • A proposed candidate solution for the minimum viable product
  • A high-level solution architecture using AWS services 3rd party software (foundation models)
  • A development plan for the Pilot Deployment
  • Preliminary TCO estimates

At the end of our Pilot phase, you get:

  • A pilot deployed in your AWS development environment
  • The solution architecture documentation
  • A plan to build for scale as a production-ready solution
  • A refined TCO estimate for AWS and 3rd party services
  • A summary of success criteria met and recommendations for “go/no-go”

Get Your Pilot Launched with Mission Cloud