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Generative AI Use Case

Personalized and Automated Marketing


What Can Generative AI Do for Marketing?

While many are now aware that generative AI can easily create marketing content, this technology has much larger implications for marketing as a whole. Generative AI can improve how you segment your audiences, select targets, customize your content for those profiles, and develop automated workflows to react in real time with sophisticated ABM strategies.

Large language models can assist in the labeling of unstructured data to enhance your segmenting and targeting. By leveraging AWS services like Amazon SES, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda, you can then react to sentiment events and respond in context and according to customer preference and event types. With this approach your campaigns not only address the unique needs of each customer but also pivot dynamically based on real-time data and feedback. These workflows can be highly automated with AWS tooling and chain-of-thought decision-making by generative AI agents to create responsive and individualized marketing experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Am I a fit for Generative AI?

Common Verticals

Solution Fit Criteria

  • You're looking to amplify customer engagement across all touchpoints
  • Your current marketing strategies have plateaued in ROI
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is out of sync with revenue
  • You’re seeing churn events which suggest inadequate nurturing or missed conversion/retention opportunities
  • Your lead nurture process is: highly manual, inefficient, or cannot identify or react to sentiment events
  • Your brand caters to a diverse audience with varied preferences and behaviors
  • You’ve already seen strong responses from other highly targeted campaigns
  • You’re trying to more effectively segment how you communicate
  • You have unstructured data you could use for audience insights, but are struggling to leverage it
  • Your market is highly competitive or values response time for winning deals and keeping customers

Benefits of a Personalized & Automated Marketing with Generative AI

  • Dynamic Engagement

    Seamlessly adapt to real-time events and sentiments.

  • Enhanced Targeting

    Use AI-driven insights for pinpoint audience targeting.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Streamline marketing processes with AI-aided automation.

  • Improved Campaign ROI

    Optimize spend with smart, responsive campaigns.

  • Boost Customer Loyalty

    Deliver unmatched personalized experiences at every touchpoint.


A customer example

myTheo established themselves as a new real estate listing platform, a highly competitive market, and faced a challenge common to this industry: scaling for geographic expansion. They needed cost-efficient ways for engaging three distinct audiences, each with different needs and expectations of a platform: buyers, sellers, and agents. With a handful of ideas but no generative AI expertise in house, myTheo asked Mission Cloud to help them quickly stand up a number of proofs of concept to leverage and restructure the data from the MLS database and then gauge ROI. They now have a natural language querying system for directly engaging with MLS, property search functionality with computer vision capabilities, and personalized newsletters tailored by user profile characteristics.

Our process

Gen AI Use Case flow_AutomatedMarketing 2.0

Get Your Pilot Launched

Over a 4 to 6 week period, we’ll construct an engagement to get you up and running. By the end, you’ll have a pilot solution deployed in your environment that’s been designed to accomplish your objectives and demonstrate the potential of a fully scaled architecture.

Design Workshop
(1-2 weeks)

Pilot Deployment
(3-4 weeks)

At the end of the design phase, you get:

  • Data and infrastructure design
  • Use case prioritization and roadmap
  • Defined business use case
  • Defined success criteria
  • A proposed candidate solution for the minimum viable product
  • A high-level solution architecture using AWS services 3rd party software (foundation models)
  • A development plan for the Pilot Deployment
  • Preliminary TCO estimates

At the end of our Pilot phase, you get:

  • A pilot deployed in your AWS development environment
  • The solution architecture documentation
  • A plan to build for scale as a production-ready solution
  • A refined TCO estimate for AWS and 3rd party services
  • A summary of success criteria met and recommendations for “go/no-go”

Get Your Pilot Launched with Mission Cloud