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AWS Cloud Security

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Harden security, manage risks, and handle incidents


Our Best Practices, AWS Native Security, & CrowdStrike

We help customers secure their AWS environment through a combination of DevOps expertise, AWS native services for governance, and managing environments with Mission Cloud One, which offers 24/7 managed detection and response in partnership with CrowdStrike’s Security Operations Center.

Mission Cloud is an AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and our aim is to help all customers strengthen their security posture. We assert that the right combination of architectural measures and active 24/7 monitoring of your environment provides the necessary oversight and defenses to reduce your attack surface, limit your blast radius, and adapt to changing threats.


Rest Easy with a Secure AWS Environment

  • Understanding Vulnerabilities

    Work with our teams to understand where you have vulnerable configurations, or out-of-date software, and build a pipeline for deploying that’s secure and repeatable.

  • Architecture Recommendations

    We can suggest architectures and service implementations for remediating issues you’ve detected and help you design a system to appropriately monitor your environment.

  • Harden Your Security

    Learn how services like AWS Control Tower, AWS Config, and Amazon OpenSearch can work together with approaches like containers to further harden your security.

  • Modern Environment

    Understanding what you need to audit can be just as important as knowing what you need to secure. We’ll teach you how to run a modern environment that documents itself for your compliance.

  • Secure Systems

    Network security, data privacy, and organizational controls—we can work on all these dimensions for you to help you secure your systems and ensure they’re operating correctly.

  • Peace of Mind

    Security is overwhelming when you don’t know your status. But with tools like Security Hub and CrowdStrike’s Falcon Complete, you gain a holistic picture of your security posture.

AWS Cloud Security Services

Discover Our Security Services

Monitor your environment and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

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AWS Cloud Security Assessment

Measure your security against best practices and identify security weaknesses. Our assessment helps you understand whether you have hidden vulnerabilities, remediations to resolve,  or opportunities to better meet compliance requirements.

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Penetration Testing

Simulate a real-world penetration of your 
architecture to catalog weaknesses and opportunities an attacker might exploit. After conducting your test, we’ll go over your results with you, discuss mitigations and ways to reduce your attack surface, and help you implement any architectural changes we recommend.


Logging Architecture

AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon OpenSearch, AWS Lambda, AWS Config—there are many native services available for developing an architecture that accurately logs and monitors your access patterns and notifies you when change occurs. With our help, you can lay the groundwork for compliance and maintain a granular understanding of all your resources.


Multi-Account Architecture

One best practice we commonly recommend is to develop a strong multi-account architecture to safely isolate your critical resources and institute the principle of least privilege. With AWS Control Tower, we can help you set up a scalable and maintainable system for adding new users to your system and segmenting it appropriately.

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Containerizing is a great way to develop more secure patterns for deploying resources and taking them offline. We can help you create configurations and the scripts you need to leverage this technology, through tools like AWS CDK, Amazon CloudFormation, and Terraform.



Having a secure system for how you manage, merge, and deploy code is critical for actively developing applications on AWS. We can help you develop CI/CD pipelines for your developers that minimize friction while creating additional security controls and mechanisms to prevent vulnerabilities and maintain control of secrets. 

“Our customers are large enterprise mortgage lenders closely concerned with securing their clients’ data. The security Mission offers as a 24/7 service ensures our protection, and is very marketable to our customers.”

Brian Stuart
Director of Cloud Infrastructure at Blue Sage Solutions

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