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Generative AI Use Case: Call Centers


How Can I Empower My Call Centers with Gen AI?

Does your call center suffer from long wait times, inconsistent answers, or language barriers between you and your customers? Generative AI transforms call centers by getting agents to the right information faster, summarizing previous calls, providing critical context, and sweeping your knowledge bases for answers to help resolve the issue. By combining these AI capabilities with AWS services such as Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect you streamline interactions, and ensure precise, consistent, and rapid customer service.

Am I a fit for Gen AI?

Common Verticals

Solution Fit Criteria

If any 3 or more of the following resonate with your operations, you might be an ideal candidate for this solution:


  • Your call center handles a significant volume of calls daily
  • You’re aiming to reduce average call duration
  • Your call center is operating 24/7, requiring consistent performance round the clock
  • There's a high variability in agent performance or customer satisfaction
  • Agents often spend time searching for answers or navigating complex systems
  • Language barriers exist between agents and customers
  • There's a frequent need to train agents on new information or changes
  • High turnover rates result in constant hiring and training expenses
  • You need to maintain a high standard of service while scaling operations

Benefits of a Call Center with Gen AI

  • Reduced Wait Times

    Route callers faster and answer common questions

  • Enhances Training

    Simulate calls to train agents more effectively

  • Consistent Service

    Help agents find the most up-to-date and accurate resolutions

  • Privacy and Complaince

    Ensure customer data privacy by automating sensitive processes

  • Remove Language Barriers

    Translate conversations in real time

Our process

Gen AI Use Case flow_CallCenters 2.0

Get Your Pilot Launched

Over a 4 to 6 week period, we’ll construct an engagement to get you up and running. By the end, you’ll have a pilot solution deployed in your environment that’s been designed to accomplish your objectives and demonstrate the potential of a fully scaled architecture.

Design Workshop
(1-2 weeks)

Pilot Deployment
(3-4 weeks)

At the end of the design phase, you get:

  • Data and infrastructure design
  • Use case prioritization and roadmap
  • Defined business use case
  • Defined success criteria
  • A proposed candidate solution for the minimum viable product
  • A high-level solution architecture using AWS services 3rd party software (foundation models)
  • A development plan for the Pilot Deployment
  • Preliminary TCO estimates

At the end of our Pilot phase, you get:

  • A pilot deployed in your AWS development environment
  • The solution architecture documentation
  • A plan to build for scale as a production-ready solution
  • A refined TCO estimate for AWS and 3rd party services
  • A summary of success criteria met and recommendations for “go/no-go”

Get Your Pilot Launched with Mission Cloud