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AWS Modernization

Your infrastructure in a modern cloud environment

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Streamline Deployments, Improve Resiliency, and Harden Security

Modernizing your applications and infrastructure allows you to realize all the benefits of AWS: scalability, availability, reliability, deployability, observability, and cost efficiency. But modernizing your infrastructure can add complexity if designs aren’t carefully considered. With our expertise we can help you advance to a native, seamless, and decoupled infrastructure while retaining the flexibility you need to innovate and streamlining your developer experience.


Benefits of AWS Modernization with Mission Cloud

Modernization allows you to realize more benefits from your applications and infrastructure. With Mission Cloud’s cloud modernization services, receive expert support in configuring and managing your cloud in a modern environment and enjoy a cloud environment centered around reliability, cost efficiency, performance, and elasticity. Below are more benefits of a modernized environment:


Resiliency & Reliability

When availability or fault-tolerance are a concern, modernizing ensures your applications are safe, secure, and backed up with proper failover procedures in place should there be an incident.

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Cost Efficiency

With AWS’s consumption-based pricing model, you’re only charged for what you use—modernizing gives you greater clarity, granularity, and control  when optimizing for cost without compromising performance.


Enhanced Performance

Modernized workloads rely on the AWS services, design patterns, and features native to the cloud that can scale performance with greater flexibility, control, and reliability.


Support Evolving Business Models

Modernized workloads can enable a transition from a traditional software licensing model to a SaaS model, better serving both your customers and your business.


Meet Compliance Benchmarks

Modernized workloads are easier to secure and audit, aiding your efforts to meet CPRA, GDPR, HIPAA, and other government or industry regulations and compliance regimes.

AWS Cloud Modernization Services

Experience the Advantages of Operating in a Modernized Cloud Environment

Modernizing your applications and infrastructure improves scalability and increases your fault-tolerance while streamlining operations and costs.. Modernized workloads can rapidly accommodate changes in demand, infrastructure events, and compliance requirements like CPRA, GDPR or HIPAA.

  • Containerization

    Containers on AWS improve developer efficiency, automate deployments, and reduce operational overhead. With our help, you can ensure your images are configured correctly for your workloads and leverage AWS’s containerization tools, including Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Fargate, and Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). 

  • Serverless Computing

    Serverless architectures enable your applications to scale with high performance and reliability. Serverless computing on AWS removes the burden of managing your servers and simplifies your operations while allowing new optimizations of your architecture

  • Microservices

    Microservices is an approach which takes monolithic, tightly coupled applications and breaks them into components which operate independently for greater efficiency, scalability, and resiliency. While microservice architectures have gotten a bad rep for adding complexity, when designed and implemented correctly they do the opposite, simplifying your operations while improving performance.

“All of the tasks we’ve collaborated on with Mission demonstrate just how wide their expertise spans. They are an ideal partner for building and supporting our AWS environment to ensure applications continue to meet the needs of our customers. I can also step out of the hands-on DevOps role and focus on the bigger picture — I now spend less time in the weeds solving technical problems and more time enhancing our applications."

Shawn Hempel
CTO at Writable

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