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AWS Marketplace Roundup: 4 Offers to Transition from VMware to native AWS

AWS Marketplace Roundup: 4 Offers to Transition from VMware to native AWS


On May 6th, 2024, Broadcom announced that "customers who have active one or three-year subscriptions with monthly payments that were purchased from AWS will continue to be invoiced by AWS until the end of their term.” Additionally, Broadcom also announced that VMware Cloud on AWS “will only be available direct from Broadcom or an authorized Broadcom reseller.” This means that come the time of your renewal, you will need to decide if your business should:

  • Stay with VMware on AWS through Broadcom. This option forces you to accept price increases of 3-10X and a new subscription model at renewal;
  • Move to a competing hypervisor;
  • Migrate to the cloud.

If you’re thinking about option C, migrating to the AWS cloud, a great place to find a trusted advisor is the AWS Marketplace.

What is the AWS Marketplace?

The AWS Marketplace is an online catalog where you can discover, purchase, and implement software and services to build solutions for your business. Anyone with an AWS account can use the AWS Marketplace, and can access countless offers – many of which are completely free.

For businesses seeking a trusted partner, Mission Cloud brings extensive experience in AWS migrations, modernization, and a deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem. We adhere to AWS best practices, leverage native tooling, and provide end-to-end support, from assessment and planning to execution, training, and documentation.

In this post we’ll be talking about 4 Marketplace Offers to support your transition from VMware on AWS to native AWS that you can access today with your AWS account. 

Mission Cloud’s VMware to AWS Marketplace Offers

Offer 1: VMware Consultation: Understanding Your Opportunities on AWS

This complimentary 60-minute consultation allows you to collaborate with Mission Cloud's Solutions Architects to gain valuable insights into your migration opportunities. They will assess your current VMware environment, workloads, and licenses, exploring potential applications fit for migration and developing a comprehensive migration plan. Additionally, they will review your existing software licensing requirements and provide strategies for perpetuating, renewing, or modernizing licenses on AWS.

Offer 2: On-Prem VMware to AWS Migration Assessment

If considering a migration of your on-premises VMware infrastructure and want to learn how a cloud-first approach would work, this assessment is invaluable. Mission Cloud's experts will understand your current infrastructure, discuss Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) principles for an AWS-native environment, identify potential migration blockers and risks, determine stakeholder access requirements, and explore AWS funding opportunities to finance your migration.

Offer 3: VMware on AWS Modernization Assessment

For organizations already running VMware workloads on AWS, this assessment focuses on identifying opportunities for modernization and optimization using AWS native services. Mission Cloud will evaluate your current VMware applications, discuss potential performance, reliability, and cost improvements, and outline a seamless modernization process minimizing downtime and aligning with best practices. Our Solutions Architects will identify your opportunities for containers, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, and more.

Offer 4: Fast Start - VMware on AWS to Native AWS Migration

If you're ready to migrate your VMware on AWS workloads to AWS native services, this offering provides a comprehensive consultation. Mission Cloud's Solutions Architects will assess your current environment, discuss TCO principles, identify migration risks and blockers, determine stakeholder access needs, and explore AWS funding options to execute your migration effectively.

Mission Cloud has experience moving workloads from VMware to AWS. Our team has completed thousands of migrations, many of which were migrations of VMware to AWS. Let’s take a look at an enterprise customer who had the goal of migrating and modernizing their infrastructure on AWS.

How Smitty’s Supply VMware Migration to AWS Created a More Resilient Infrastructure

Mission Cloud's deep expertise and continuous engagement model have proven invaluable for enterprises like Smitty's Supply, Inc., the largest privately-owned manufacturing distributor of custom oils and lubricants in the United States. Challenged with legacy on-prem Windows Server-based systems running on out-of-support VMware solution and reeling after a ransomware attack, Smitty's needed a dependable new infrastructure that it could trust for the future.

Without deep cloud expertise in-house, Smitty's enlisted Mission Cloud to spearhead its migration, perform ongoing cloud management, and provide effective in-depth training for internal personnel. On a tight two-month deadline, Mission migrated 24 VMware source servers as well as 5 applications. Mission Cloud completed Smitty's migration to AWS ahead of schedule and under budget while also delivering training and equipping the enterprise with a transparent and resilient cloud infrastructure built for Smitty's future.

"I had working sessions with Mission twice a week, where they would show me things in AWS: this is what this does, this is why it does it. That constant back and forth really helped illuminate the inner workings of AWS. Any time I was in a time crunch, I could send a message about a problem, and 20 minutes later, Mission had it fixed. With Mission, I'm asking people I know and trust because they're the people who built the thing."

- Clay Kibbons, IT Department Manager, Smitty's Supply, Inc.


Your Next Steps

As you navigate the complexities of transitioning from VMware to AWS, leveraging Mission Cloud's marketplace offerings – from consultations and assessments to comprehensive migration services – can provide the guidance, expertise, and resources necessary to ensure a smooth and successful journey. With Mission Cloud as your partner, you can migrate or modernize your cloud infrastructure with confidence, positioning your organization for future growth and innovation on AWS.

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