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Introducing Mission Cloud One - AWS Cloud Managed Services

Optimizing your business for the cloud while maintaining a competitive edge is all about balance. On one hand, it’s important you continuously adapt and innovate, but on the other hand, you want to maintain efficient operations, good governance, and control over costs. Maintaining that balance however, is a challenge, especially as your business scales, technology changes, and new budgets appear. This challenge is one of the primary reasons many growing businesses engage with cloud managed service providers (cloud MSP) to operate their cloud environment.

What is a Cloud Managed Service? 

A cloud managed service is a set of services offered by a cloud MSP for partially or completely managing a business’s cloud environment. Cloud managed services allow businesses to utilize the power of cloud computing while staying focused on their core business and achieving greater operational efficiency and governance control in the cloud, at a fraction of the cost of employing similar staff. 

Key benefits of managed cloud services:

  • Reduced operational costs: Through economies of scale, expertise, and automation, managed cloud services can deliver superior quality at a lower cost allowing you to stay lean and agile. With managed cloud services, the costs related to hiring a team of experts, the fees for licensing and management tools, and other expenses are packaged into the service fee itself, making overall costs not only lower through volume, but more predictable and easier to track for businesses. 
  • Peace of mind: Most cloud MSPs offer 24x7x365 coverage with real-time monitoring and alerts to quickly and proactively resolve issues as they appear in your environment. This enables your team to remain focused on strategic business initiatives while the cloud MSP focuses on the availability and performance of your cloud environment.  
  • Better Scalability: By outsourcing to a cloud MSP, you no longer have to worry about hiring expensive in-house cloud expertise as you grow. Your cloud MSP will already have a team of cloud experts that possess the experience and knowledge for continually managing and maintaining your cloud environment while also adapting to the high pace of cloud innovation. In addition, many cloud MSPs maintain close relationships with both cloud service providers like AWS and software vendors like New Relic. Through these relationships, cloud MSPs can ensure the services used by your application are prepared to quickly and efficiently scale during major planned events such as product launches and holiday shopping events.  

Introducing Mission Cloud One

Cloud managed services can provide real benefits for businesses that want to focus resources towards innovation and creating differentiated value, but are regularly distracted by day-to-day operational tasks. As a cloud MSP, Mission specializes in helping customers operate and optimize their AWS environments, and today, we launch our most comprehensive AWS managed cloud service - Mission Cloud One

Mission Cloud One is designed to be as flexible and scalable as AWS itself, providing customers a one-stop-shop for all their operational needs and maximizing their benefits of running in AWS. This includes management and monitoring services for servers, serverless computing, containers, usage, and costs, support for AWS platform requests, and access to 100% AWS-certified CloudOps engineers and enterprise-grade tools. 

In addition, Mission Cloud One delivers proactive around-the-clock cloud coverage, with Mission experts serving as both trusted advisors and an extension of customers’ internal teams. Mission’s AWS-certified CloudOps engineers bring deep expertise and best practices to AWS support, optimization, and management.

With Mission Cloud One, businesses no longer have to choose between innovation and operating their AWS environment to make sure their services are always available, performant, and secure - they can have both. 

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Cloud One or any other Mission cloud managed services, please contact us at or call us at 855-647-7466.

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