Mission Cloud One

A comprehensive AWS managed cloud service designed to lower cost, improve performance, and increase visibility of your AWS cloud.

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Let us run your cloud, so you can run your business

With ever-increasing pressure to innovate faster, adapt more rapidly to unprecedented change, and work more efficiently, you can't afford to deploy high-impact internal resources on the day-to-day management of your AWS environment. These daily operational tasks are a near-constant distraction, pulling engineers and developers away from the core tasks that drive growth and innovation for your business. With Mission Cloud One, we manage your AWS environment for you.

For less than the cost of employing similar staff with AWS expertise you get a team of AWS-certified experts who will manage and optimize your AWS infrastructure around-the-clock so you can focus on running and growing your business, confident in the knowledge that your AWS environment is in good hands.

Leverage a team of experts 

Our AWS-certified team will support, optimize and manage your cloud for less than the cost of employing similar staff with AWS expertise.

Reduce Operational Burden

Minimize your operational overhead, lower risk, and dedicate more time to your customer interactions, applications, and other core business initiatives.

Optimize AWS Environment

Mission Cloud Analysts and CloudOps Engineers proactively provide recommendations to optimize your environment.

Lightning-Fast Response & Resolution Times

Below is our average incident response time to our managed cloud customers.

  • Mission’s average incident response time in 2020 is 4.64 minutes.
  • Mission’s average incident resolution time in 2020 is 1.325 hours.
  • In 2020, 100% of incidents have been within our SLA commitments for both response
    and resolution.

"We would have had to hire costly high-level expertise to provide what Mission has delivered. As we grow rapidly, from both a customer and an employee standpoint, not having to worry about who runs the cloud allows us to focus on hiring developers to work on our application."

Dave Barney, CTO, Kanopy

Mission Cloud One Key Benefits

Faster Response Times

Around-the-clock monitoring and alert response for your containers, AWS services, websites, and servers, with average SLA response times under 5 minutes.

Peace of Mind

Day-to-day management of your AWS infrastructure and 10 hours per month of on-demand provisioning for common AWS cloud resources, led by 100% AWS-certified CloudOps Engineers.

Reduced AWS Costs

Mission Cloud Analysts continually review your environment to improve the performance of your infrastructure, increase best-practice alignment, and optimize usage and costs.

Practical Guidance

24x7x365 technical support and best practice guidance for your AWS environment.

Continuous Insights

Regular deep-dives with cloud experts to analyze key performance metrics, including operational activities and tickets.

Enhanced monitoring

Customized visualizations and alerting conditions for serverless functions and containers that are designed to quickly pinpoint any potential issues.

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