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AWS Glue Consulting

Integrate your data and provide a common source for decision making

Cost-Effective, Scalable, & Serverless Data Integration

Categorizing, cleaning, validating, and moving your data between data stores and data streams is critical to making it ready and consumable for analytics. Without the right tools or guidance, preparing the data for storage in a data warehouse or data lake can be  time-intensive and prone to errors. Your organization's data strategy must fully leverage the appropriate ETL (extract, transform, and load) service.

By partnering with an AWS Premier Consulting Partner like Mission Cloud Services, you gain confidence in your data strategy by implementing a serverless, cost-effection, and comprehensive data integration tool like AWS Glue. As an Amazon Glue Delivery Partner, Mission Cloud can help you use Amazon Glue to:

  • Build event-driven ETL pipelines

  • Create a unified catalog to find data across multiple data stores

  • Create, run, and monitor ETL jobs without coding

  • Explore data with self-service visual data preparation

  • Build materialized views to combine and replicate data

At Mission Cloud, our AWS expert team is equipped to assist you in your data preparation, integration, and storing projects. Our AWS-certified data engineering experts can help your organization successfully implement AWS Glue and leverage its capabilities. 

  • Faster Data Integration

    Reduce the time it takes to analyze your data. AWS Glue allows different groups across your organization to work together on data integration tasks, including extraction, cleaning, normalization, combining, loading, and running scalable ETL workflows. Put your data to use in minutes, not months.

  • Automate Your Data Integration at Scale

    Use AWS Glue to run and manage thousands of ETL jobs easily or to combine and replicate data across multiple data stores using SQL. AWS Glue automatically generates the code to run your data transformations and loading processes.

  • No Servers to Manage

    Pay only for the resources your jobs use while running. Because AWS Glue runs in a serverless environment, there is no infrastructure to manage. AWS Glue provisions, configures, and scales the resources required to run your data integration jobs.

  • Prepare Your Data for Analytics & Machine Learning

    AWS Glue makes it easy to discover, prepare, and combine your data for analytics, machine learning, and application development. By storing data in a data warehouse or data lake, you integrate information from different parts of your business and provide a golden data source for decision making.

  • Understand Your Data Assets

    Using the AWS Glue Data Catalog, you can store your data using various AWS services and still maintain a unified view of your data. View the Data Catalog to quickly search and discover your datasets and maintain the relevant metadata in one central repository.

Integrate With The Entire AWS Data Ecosystem


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