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Generative AI Use Case

Marketing Image Generation


What Can Image Generation Do?

High-quality, relevant imagery can set a brand apart and generative AI opens up a new avenue for developing a distinct visual language and scalable workflow for creating marketing images. Leveraging AWS-native foundation models like’s  StableDiffusion, businesses can create, modify, and enhance images with unprecedented ease. AWS services like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock for model training and deployment, coupled with S3 for storage, enable scalable asset management for tasks like product photography generation and stock photography.

With established techniques like inpainting, you can rapidly iterate through AI-generated backgrounds that blend seamlessly with original photography. AI-generated mockups can also support traditional photography workflows during pre-production. And because these images are created with textual prompts, you can easily template styles and approaches or rapidly pivot your visual language for different channels or campaigns. 

Am I a fit for Image Generation?

Common Verticals

Solution Fit Criteria

  • Your business frequently requires original visual content
  • You need faster editing or re-staging
  • Customization and personalization are crucial
  • You often need alterations, replacements, or new perspectives for existing images
  • You’re frequently remixing or reusing visual content in new context
  • You need a large digital asset library with minimal redundancy
  • You have a rapid launch cadence
  • Your product catalog is large and changes quickly
  • Speed is critical for your go-to-market strategy
  • You can’t dedicate visual resources to each campaign/launch
  • Traditional photography has logistic or resource constraints you need to overcome
  • You’d like to bolster your traditional photography with in-house prototyping for visual direction or distinctive elements

Benefits of Marketing Images with Generative AI

  • Creative Freedom

    Quickly experiment with image variants while maintaining brand consistency.

  • Cost

    Save on the expense of traditional photoshoots and image procurement.

  • Flexibility

    Restage images at will and alter backgrounds, lighting, or posing as needed.

  • Time-to-Market

    Rapidly produce and iterate on images to find a fit.

  • Scalability

    Create a diverse portfolio for different campaigns and platforms with ease.

  • Consistent Styling

    Develop a visual style which can be easily templated and altered.

Our process

Gen AI Use Case flow_Marketing Image Generation 2.0

Get Your Pilot Launched

Over a 4 to 6 week period, we’ll construct an engagement to get you up and running. By the end, you’ll have a pilot solution deployed in your environment that’s been designed to accomplish your objectives and demonstrate the potential of a fully scaled architecture.

Design Workshop
(1-2 weeks)

Pilot Deployment
(3-4 weeks)

At the end of the design phase, you get:

  • Data and infrastructure design
  • Use case prioritization and roadmap
  • Defined business use case
  • Defined success criteria
  • A proposed candidate solution for the minimum viable product
  • A high-level solution architecture using AWS services 3rd party software (foundation models)
  • A development plan for the Pilot Deployment
  • Preliminary TCO estimates

At the end of our Pilot phase, you get:

  • A pilot deployed in your AWS development environment
  • The solution architecture documentation
  • A plan to build for scale as a production-ready solution
  • A refined TCO estimate for AWS and 3rd party services
  • A summary of success criteria met and recommendations for “go/no-go”

Get Your Pilot Launched with Mission Cloud