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Financial Services on AWS

Cloud and AI solutions for the next-generation of financial services 

Competition in finance isn’t slowing down and customer expectations have never been higher.

As the finance sector grapples with digital transformation, sophisticated cybersecurity threats, and changing regulations, embracing the cloud is no longer optional. We take a cloud-native approach to building AI and other solutions on AWS to help you establish a product foundation that’s future proof and keeps your data secure.

"Mission is a great partner to turn to. They're constantly there, and they never force us to do things their way. They allow us to do things our way while advising us on alternatives—but ultimately working with the approach we want to take. They go beyond just doing things to also teaching us best practices that will ultimately strengthen our cloud knowledge.”

Robert Hocking
Director, Site Reliability Engineering Centage

Our portfolio spans insurers, traditional banks, trading operations, payment startups, crypto innovators, fintech moonshots, and industry-leading data providers, all of whom rely on our consulting to build on AWS.

“Mission quickly established itself as our best choice. They were the first to take the time to understand our needs and provide a detailed plan for how to stabilize our current environment. They also offered improvements for our future environment—we could tell Mission would always be proactive in managing our infrastructure, and they collaborated effectively with AWS to come up with a cost-effective solution within our budget.”

Steve Bernat
Founder and CEO, RallyUp

 Companies we serve

  • Insurance

    You're navigating risk, customer demand, and regulatory requirements in an increasingly interdependent financial system where failure can cascade unexpectedly. We empower your forecasting with analytics and machine learning best practices, enhance customer engagement, and ensure you uphold compliance obligations.

  • Banking

    Challenger and neobanks are creating new niches with digital disruption, but you need to maintain client trust without ignoring opportunities to improve existing business. We help you experiment safely without jeopardizing performance or security, so you can stay competitive, consistent, and customer-focused.

  • Capital Markets

    In a world where milliseconds matter, you need reliable, available, and efficient web architectures with no risk of downtime. We design high-performance computing solutions that are fault-tolerant and monitored with powerful real-time analytics, so you can react to market dynamics with speed and precision.

  • Payments

    In a highly distributed financial ecosystem, ensuring your transactions are timely, auditable, fault-tolerant, and secure requires precise execution. We develop bulletproof, self-documenting architectures, work with timeseries and other nontraditional databases, and design big data systems which scale to meet any volume of demand.

  • Fintech

    You’re creating the future of finance but you can’t sacrifice development speed to pay down your technical debt or integrate with more traditional systems. We support highly dynamic development lifecycles with best practices to streamline your operations and development experience while letting you retain flexibility to scale.

  • Data Providers

    You’ve got customers who rely on your data warehouses to deliver actionable financial insights but handling large volumes of transactions remains a challenge. We enhance your data processing, distribution, and analytics capabilities with state-of-the art ML and AI solutions, turning information into intelligence and intelligence into execution.

 Our Capabilites

  • PCI and SOC compliance

    Mitigate risks and meet stringent industry standards with our comprehensive AWS security and compliance frameworks

  • Risk Management and Analytics

    Accelerate your research with scalable computing resources and advanced analytics, driving faster time-to-insights

  • Legacy to AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and design your architecture according to industry best practices

  • Role-Based Architectures

    Harden security and secure access with role-based governance policies to protect PII and isolate sensitive systems

  • Data Visualization and Intelligence

    Increase accessibility and speed of financial research with bespoke data visualization and generative business intelligence

  • Containerization and Microservices

    Keep critical infrastructure fault-tolerant, disaster-ready, scalable, flexible, and secure

“The DevOps engineers we work with at Mission are a backline for our team. They’re experts. We can pose any question to them, and they tell us how best to move forward. They also proactively and regularly present and implement improvements to our practices. Without a doubt, having Mission on our side has and continues to be a huge benefit.” 

Brian Stuart
Director of Cloud Infrastructure, Blue Sage Solutions

Our finance vision

We believe that consumers, businesses, and institutions all flourish when the financial system makes cloud-native technologies its foundation. Partner with us to build the future of finance together.

"We knew we could benefit by working with a partner to advise us on best practices for the architecture and to help us learn what we do not know about the cloud. After doing some research and meeting with the Mission team, we were so impressed that we did not consider another AWS partner. Mission has great communicators across their entire team, and they always respond quickly to our questions.”

Ruslan Belyy
CTO, Intruity

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