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Amazon Q Consulting


AI solutions for AWS efficiency and everyday business problems


Help your dev teams ship faster while empowering analysts to better leverage your data

You're drowning in data spread across multiple systems and bogged down with manual tasks adding friction to development. We help you unlock the power of Amazon Q to streamline business intelligence, accelerate AWS optimization, and boost productivity.

  • 80%

    The productivity boost possible with Amazon Q

  • 1,000

    The number of applications upgraded by a 5-man team in 2 days using Amazon Q

  • 37% – 50%

    The first shot code acceptance rate for Amazon Q customers

Solution Fit Criteria

Amazon Q For Business

  • Your business relies on marshaling document-based or unstructured data
  • This data lives in different systems
  • There is no single, useful way to query it
  • Data accessibility has a direct impact on revenue
  • You need something more flexible than SQL for leveraging your data
  • You need to expand access to non-technical roles
  • Natural language querying is suited to your data types and uses
  • Collecting and analyzing user queries is a revenue opportunity

Amazon Q For Developers

  • You’ve got language version or dependency upgrades or refactors you’ve been delaying or would like to be automated
  • You want code generation without compromising the privacy of your repos
  • Documentation is an ongoing challenge
  • You want to augment or automate your test suites and test generation
  • You want to bolster your vulnerability scanning and CI/CD processes
  • You have non-AWS experts who need to do operations work
  • You don’t have a technical support team for AWS

Amazon Q empowers business processes and developer tools

  • Amazon Q Business

    Leading companies like GoDaddy, Smartsheet, Sun Life, and Toyota leverage Amazon Q to provide data-driven insights, automate workflows, build custom AI apps and make faster decisions.

  • Amazon Q Developer

     Innovative developer teams at Toyota, Blackberry, BT Group, National Australia Bank and more use Amazon Q to increase developer velocity through AI-assisted coding, autonomous agents, and optimized cloud ops.

Capabilities of Amazon Q

  • Most accurate code generation 

    Amazon Q has industry-leading acceptance rates for multi-line code suggestions by tapping into your internal codebases to provide relevant recommendations.

  • Autonomous software agents

    Amazon Q agents can analyze your apps, plan and implement new features end-to-end, manage upgrades across languages, and remediate security vulnerabilities.

  • Build generative AI apps quickly

    The new Amazon Q Apps lets an employee describe the capability they need and generate a custom AI application utilizing your internal data sources.

  • Accelerate Business Intelligence

    Connect to your enterprise data sources, leverage advanced Q&A and summarization, build custom data-driven applications with natural language - all with enterprise-grade security.

  • Automate your AWS Optimization

    Get optimization and operations suggestions for your AWS environment, troubleshoot alerts and configuration issues, remediate vulnerabilities, and supplement your team’s technical breadth.

Our process

At Mission Cloud, we're dedicated to helping companies unlock the full potential of Amazon Q. Our engagement process is designed to ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows. Here's an overview of how we can assist you:

  • Discovery: We start by understanding your business goals, pain points, and current data landscape.
  • Data Connectors: We'll work with you to establish the necessary connections between Amazon Q and your existing data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, or cloud storage services. This can involve using ETL services, like Amazon Glue, and also native visualization services, like Amazon QuickSight.
  • Prompt Engineering: Our experts will help you craft effective prompts that extract valuable insights from your data, ensuring Amazon Q provides accurate and actionable recommendations. We can also train your team on how to build effective prompts.
  • Tuning, QA, & Support: After building your implementation, we’ll assist on tuning to meet performance metrics you need. We also offer ongoing support for data management and the management of your AWS environment more generally.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you're receiving expert guidance and support every step of the way. 

Build with Us

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