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Healthcare on AWS

AI solutions and cloud-native technologies for every patient

Now more than ever patients need state of the art technology and systems.

You’ve got personnel shortages, compliance obligations, and regulatory pressures to contend with—but the industry isn’t standing still. We help you leverage cloud-native technologies and AI to ensure every patient gets optimal experiences and equitable outcomes while keeping their data private and secure.

“Mission impresses us with their cloud expertise—they are a great sounding board for any questions we have and always bring us up to speed quickly on any new AWS features. With their help, we have practically created a ‘push-button’ environment in the cloud.”

Scott McKay
CTO, ZappRx


Healthcare & Life Sciences
firms we’ve helped build on AWS

From neighborhood clinics to international nonprofits to some of the largest life sciences firms in the world—we’ve helped companies of all sizes and stages serve their patients.

“Our team possesses the required security expertise, but there were a lot of new technologies for us to learn, and security best practices constantly evolve. To roll out new security controls quickly and meet the needs of our customers, we needed to turn to a cloud security partner.” 

Scott Burklund
CIO and Co-Founder, Preverity

Healthcare payers

You handle the intricate balance of optimizing claim management, member retention, and health outcomes amidst a rapidly evolving industry. We help you build accessible member experiences that serve them and help you better understand their needs.

Healthcare providers

You need to maintain patient confidentiality while streamlining operations in an increasingly digital landscape. We specialize in tailoring AWS infrastructure to meet the needs of providers, ensuring you have a secure, compliant, and scalable environment to deliver exceptional care.

 Our Capabilites

  • HIPAA compliance

    Our modernization roadmap ensures your operations and data practices are secure and resilient

  • Health research

    Conduct large-scale research projects with seamless analytics for data science or business intelligence

  • Intelligent document processing

    Streamline paperwork and turn its unstructured data into meaningful outputs and insights with generative AI

  • Medical image analysis

    Empower diagnosticians with machine learning, generative AI, and automated model management

  • AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and other public clouds and design your architecture according to industry best practices

  • Patient Experiences

    Help consumers access care and inform health decisions with web experiences that put usability first


Our healthcare vision

A more just, efficient, and effective kind of healthcare is possible when payers and providers are given best-in-class cloud solutions. Collaborate with us to build the future of healthcare together.

“By being able to essentially forget about the IT infrastructure, we can deliver more value to our clients. We focus on our applications and our client interactions while Mission makes sure the AWS environment provides all the compute resources we need. Together, we are a great example of a true partnership.”

Corey Shaffer
CTO, Carehubs

“The best aspect of Mission is the customization of their solutions to our specific needs. As opposed to just buying an off-the-shelf, server-side stack, Mission helped us to define our needs and estimate the usage growth over time in order to provide the most cost-efficiency for each stage of our products.”

Vitor Pamplona
CTO & Founder, Eyenetra

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