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ZappRX Maintains HIPAA Compliance In AWS Transition

The Challenge

As customer demand grew for the ZappRx platform, the company needed to expand its data center computing capacity. Senior management considered the choice of a maintaining internal control with the large capital expense of building its own on premise data center vs. the smaller monthly operational expense of utilizing a cloud platform provider.

Another key decision was whether to hire an internal team to manage and monitor the data center or partner with a managed service provider. Outsourcing both the data center and the management function would require developing a high level of trust with external partners—especially where ZappRX must ensure its medication management platform conforms to HIPAA regulations.

“Mission impresses us with their cloud expertise—they are a great sounding board for any questions we have and always bring us up-to-speed quickly on any new AWS features. With their help, we have practically created a ‘push-button’ environment in the cloud.”

Scott McKay
Chief Technology Officer

The Solution

ZappRx found the answers to its challenges by turning to Mission and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mission consulted and advised on how to best set up the AWS environment in order to transition the ZappRx platform to the cloud with minimal business interruptions. Mission's Managed DevOps team also helped build the initial development, testing, demo and production environments so ZappRX can now automatically roll code from one environment to the other.

The Results

After also making sure the AWS platform properly complies with HIPAA regulations and remains secure, The Mission Cloud One team has since monitored the cloud environment to ensure the ZappRX applications continue to meet the needs of patients, physicians and pharmacists around the clock. With the cloud platform fully built, internal ZappRx resources now add new computing components when necessary.

In addition to providing ZappRX with a continuous integration environment across the application lifecycle, the partnership with Mission and AWS has generated several key benefits:

  • Eliminates capital expenditures for purchasing on premise data center hardware and software as well as on-going overhead costs for power and cooling.
  • Removes the cost of hiring internal staff for data center management and monitoring.
  • Cloud One enables internal IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day data center issues.
  • Helps maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Provides on-going expertise on cloud computing best practices to further enhance platform performance.
  • Ensures applications can scale easily and spin up new machines quickly through auto scaling and managed configuration capabilities with Managed DevOps.

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