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Managed DevOps

Unleash the power of your team & streamline innovation

Identify Effective Ways To Automate Your Processes

The team at Mission has been working at the forefront of DevOps managed services for years, and we’re here to guide you in the most effective ways to use the power of automation to drive efficiency and innovation in your organization. We’ll help you identify high-impact opportunities to streamline your processes and infrastructure management, and we’ll guide you in the selection and deployment of the right tools for each job.


Everyone makes mistakes, let AWS certified DevOps consultants help you leverage custom cloud-native automation to test and deploy your applications, so you can avoid human error.


Optimize cost without sacrificing performance with Mission’s Managed DevOps. You’ll have access to an entire team’s breadth of knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.


Deliver a technology environment that’s a strategic asset for the business. Facilitate continuous improvement by leveraging modern technologies, including automation, microservices, and containers.

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The Next Evolution: Microservices

Microservices is an architectural approach to software development that emphasizes independent, loosely coupled services and smaller, frequently released application updates, fostering innovation and scalability.

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"Mission has been an incredible partner, so much so that they’ve become very much an extension of our own IT team. They've led the way in implementing a very complex and beneficial AWS environment on our behalf, which could not have been created without their expertise."

Jay Wessland, CTO, Boston Celtics

How Does Mission's Managed DevOps Service Work?

When you sign up for Mission’s Managed DevOps service, you are assigned a dedicated team of AWS-certified experts who will become your go-to technical resources. Using a flexible, iterative, sprint-oriented process, your DevOps consultant will work with you to develop a strategic technology roadmap, translating business objectives into a strategic roadmap with actionable items that drive growth and innovation, so that your organization can deploy and deliver quality work, faster.


Set strategic priorities and drive continuous improvement, using a flexible and iterative approach.


Work with a dedicated team of AWS-certified experts who live and breathe DevOps and the AWS cloud.


Create a phased roadmap with your AWS-certified DevOps consultant that meets your short and long term goals.


Leverage the diverse experience and knowledge of our team to make your goals a reality.


Facilitate continuous improvement by leveraging technology that enables efficiency and innovation.


Execute against your technology roadmap with a dedicated pool of DevOps engineering hours.