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Mission Control

Mission Control is your first-of-its-kind cloud services platform which lets you benchmark, analyze, and track the performance of your AWS cloud environment while guiding you toward improvements with real-time access to our teams of AWS experts.

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The Expertise to Interpret Data - Not Just Visualize It

Mission Control helps you monitor and analyze your environment, similar to a cloud management platform. But Mission Control also leverages our teams as they build their knowledge of your business, industry, objectives, and the unique concerns and needs of your architecture.

Discuss Your Opportunities

In addition to the visualizations we generate, our Cloud Analysts meet with you regularly to talk through areas where you may be overspending or working with an inefficient architecture.

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Contextualized Support

We build a history of your conversations with us and can see the Recommendation you’re acting on, the Scorecard which prompted a ticket, or the specific Resource you’re concerned about.


Track Your Impact

As you become more well architected, see the actual dollars we’ve helped you save and the impact of your architectural decisions over time.


Built for AWS

Every part of Mission Control was designed for AWS and will continue to evolve to support AWS services and programs.


Visualize, Collaborate, Learn, Act

For every insight, alert, or data point we visualize, you’ll have access to an expert to help you understand what it means, why it matters, and how to act on it.

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Mission Cloud Score

Improve your environment by measuring your alignment to best practices across cost, operations, security, reliability and performance. Mission Cloud Score is now free for everyone.

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Identify opportunities to improve your environment with recommendations that are tailored to your specific business goals.

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Monitor your most critical AWS resources in a single view. Evaluate resource-specific recommendations and monitor any resource-specific alerts.

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Support Ticketing and Chat

Access real-time support for technical troubleshooting with our CloudOps team.

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Continue your cloud journey by learning from our cloud experts. We share insights and best practices on everything from app development and migrations to cost optimization and generative AI. 


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