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Software on AWS

Cloud and AI solutions for the next-generation of software

Software is eating the world—and AI may be eating software.

The hottest new programming language is English and with the power of prompting the possibilities for software-powered innovation have never been bigger. Our longstanding AI and AWS expertise can help you accelerate your development lifecycle, design systems that scale, and help you design the next generation of product experiences.

“The relationship that we have with Mission is that they know my roadmap and see what's most important to me. We've had very candid conversations like, 'I'm in cost savings mode, what can you do to help me hit my target?' And that's where the great partnership comes in.”

Helen Johnson
CTO, COmply


Software companies accelerated with our AWS expertise


Software initiatives launched in the cloud

From cutting-edge startups to established enterprise platforms that lead their industries, we've enabled software innovators to harness the cloud for unparalleled efficiency and growth.

“Our immediate need for this project was machine learning, but we were also impressed with Mission’s capabilities across all AWS service offerings. They understand cloud best-practices, which can help us going forward for both the performance and the cost of our AWS environment as well as the security of our infrastructure.” 

Johann Levy
Chief Innovation Officer, BigChange

 Companies we serve

  • SaaS

    You're revolutionizing industries with your software services. We optimize your SaaS solutions on AWS for global scalability, reliability, and security, ensuring you deliver continuous value to your users.

  • Data & AI

    You're transforming data into insights and actions. We amplify your capabilities with AWS's advanced analytics and machine learning services, enabling you to build smarter, more intuitive applications.

  • Networking & Infrastructure

    You provide the backbone for  today's digital landscape. We enhance your networking and infrastructure solutions on AWS, ensuring high performance and reliability for your customers' critical operations.

  • Martech & Adtech

    You're at the intersection of marketing and technology, driving engagement and insights. We leverage AWS to power your martech and adtech solutions, delivering personalized experiences at scale and analyzing big data for actionable insights.

  • Security

    You protect your customers’ digital assets from ever-evolving threats. We help you design auditable and compliant architectures on AWS and secure them with an industry-leading SOC to safeguard your customers' data.

 Our Capabilites

  • SOC2, GDPR, & PCI Compliance

    Our modernization roadmap ensures your operations and data practices not only respect privacy laws but also secures payment information

  • User Insights from Analytics

    Unlock the full potential of your data, get deep user insights, drive personalized experiences, and inform strategic decisions

  • Legacy to AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and design your architecture according to industry best practices

  • Seamless DevOps

    Adopt the tooling, practices, and architecture for rapid innovation, continuous integration, and seamless deployment, and maintaining high standards of quality and reliability

  • AWS Modernizations

    Embrace containerization and modernize your applications for greater agility, efficiency, and scalability

  • AI Products & Integrations

    Integrate generative AI features to enhance user experiences, automate business processes, and unlock new interaction models


Our software vision

We believe in a future of software which is accessible, driven by the needs of the user, and friendly to the novice while empowering the expert. We build resilient, scalable, and secure applications that power the digital economy. Together, let’s build software solutions that shape the future.

“By partnering with Mission, we now have access to the AWS knowledge base that's required for us to keep up with cloud best practices. We also have a foundation for our platform to support thousands of clients and the building blocks to facilitate platform improvements. We know what we want, and Mission helps engineer how to get there from a DevOps and infrastructure perspective."

Jonathan Fishbeck
Founder & CEO, EstateSpace

“For any organization like ours looking to modernize with containers on AWS, I would say run – don’t walk – to engage with Mission. Mission came in as a trusted partner, let us lean on them to do the heavy lifting, and helped us build the container architecture that had long been on our wish list. I highly recommend Mission both for the deep expertise and delightful customer experience it provides.”

Colleen Blakelock
Director of Engineering, Infrastructure, and Security

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