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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Recognized by AWS for getting customers migrated on time and on budget


Migrate With Confidence

For the second year running, AWS has recognized us for our outstanding work in its Migrations Acceleration Program—for our accuracy in budgeting and our speed in moving customer workloads.

When you partner with Mission Cloud for your AWS cloud migration, you’ll receive the hands-on care of experienced professionals who’ve helped hundreds of customers migrate to AWS. We’ve moved customers from on-premises data centers, non-AWS cloud platforms, and PaaS providers like Heroku and Rackspace. We offer a wide range of cloud migration services and can perform full infrastructure refactors or specialty cloud migrations, like Microsoft workloads and database migrations.

You can count on our experience – we act as your trusted guide through the cloud migration process to accurately forecast your Total Cost of Ownership, design an optimal AWS architecture, and ensure you experience minimal interruptions or downtime. 


Benefits of Migrating with Mission Cloud

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Minimize Downtime

Get a migration plan designed and implemented by our team of AWS-certified architects and engineers. Identify blockers, accelerate your adoption timeline, and avoid delays and downtime.


Accurately Forecast Cost

We assess the current state of your infrastructure to prevent overprovisioning and keep your project on budget. You get accurate financial planning so you will always have a clear idea of you future AWS spend.

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Migrate Efficiently

We are used to tight deadlines and complex implementations. We'll create an accurate timeline and let you monitor your progress through Mission Control.


Leverage Our 3-Phase Migration Process

Ensure a successful cloud migration by fully understanding your current environment and how to best migrate and modernize your infrastructure. Your objectives, requirements, and challenges are our focus as we build an AWS environment that aligns with your business.

Phase 1


Share your goals as we assess your infrastructure and data architecture to find the best path forward for cloud migration. We’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your migration readiness with the help of tools such as the Cloud Adoption Framework, the Migration Readiness Assessment, and deep-dive discovery sessions with your key stakeholders. 

Phase 2


Mission Cloud and AWS will address the gaps in your organization’s readiness that were uncovered during the assessment. We’ll prepare your environment with a Landing Zone from which we can launch your workloads while ensuring networking, security, and account structure accords with your business objectives. As pilot workloads go live, we’ll help you reach operational readiness by developing any cloud skills required in their administration.

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Phase 3

Migrate and Modernize

The final design of your architecture is carried out, with each workload migrated and validated for performance and cost objectives we established at the outset. Using AWS Migration Hub, you’ll see progress updates across all elements of your cloud migration and easily identify and troubleshoot issues. As a final step, we’ll conduct a knowledge transfer, providing you with any required documentation, templates for configurations, and teaching the operating principles you’ll need for your environment going forward.

Migrate With Proven AWS Tools

When you partner with Mission Cloud for your AWS migration and utilize our cloud migration services, you’ll receive the hands-on care of experienced professionals. We move customers from on-premises data centers, non-AWS cloud platforms, and PaaS providers like Heroku and Rackspace. We can perform full infrastructure refactors or specialty cloud migrations, like Microsoft workloads and database migrations.

  • Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

    The MRA examines the current state of your business and environment, identifies readiness gaps, and makes recommendations to ensure you're prepared to migrate. You can use it to inform your timeline, understand your risks, and we’ll even help you develop a migration plan based on its recommendations.

  • Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

    AWS MAP assesses your current workloads, calculates the costs and potential wins of modernizing, develops your in-house expertise, and qualifies you for financial assistance from AWS.

“Mission's close working relationship and continuous engagement model ensured that our migration to AWS was a clear success, and that their ongoing cloud management continues to be advantageous and cost-efficient."

Clay Kibbons
IT Department Manager at Smitty’s Supply, Inc.

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