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Life Sciences on AWS

AI solutions and cloud-native technologies

Now more than ever patients need state of the art technology and systems.

How do you innovate while adhering to stringent regulatory demands? We help you stay focused on your product with cloud-native services and AI solutions to accelerate research and development, maintain compliance, and ensure your breakthroughs reach the market efficiently.

“We would have had to hire three people to get what we’re getting from Mission, and even then wouldn’t have reached the level of experience that Mission brings. I look at Mission as an extension of our team. It’s a true partnership. Mission’s experience and expertise is extremely valuable to us.”

Geoffrey Erickson
Senior VP Corporate Development, Immunis.AI


Healthcare & Life Sciences
firms we’ve helped build on AWS

From startups breaking new ground in biotech to established pharmaceutical giants and leading medical device manufacturers—we've guided a diverse range of firms to harness the cloud for cutting-edge solutions.

“I would absolutely recommend Mission based on their remarkable responsiveness, creativity, forethought, and the seamlessness working together with us and our frontend development firm, KiwiTech. Building Hi There Solutions continues to be an exciting journey, and we’re thrilled to have Mission as our partner.”

Chase Prieve
Founder, Hi There Solutions

 Companies we serve

  • Biotech

    You're advancing scientific discovery and every second counts. We help you optimize your data practices and build new approaches with AI while also de-risking your development and accelerating your time-to-market.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    You need to navigate regulations without losing time getting to market. Bolster your development pipelines, identify risks before they become blockers, and work with an AWS architecture optimized for your industry.

  • Medical Devices

    You’re entering the era of connected devices and need a strategy to maximize this opportunity. We develop secure cloud architectures for device management, real-time analytics, and testing, so you always know your devices perform as expected.

 Our Capabilites

  • HIPAA compliance

    Our modernization roadmap ensures your operations and data practices are secure and resilient

  • R&D Optimization

    Accelerate your research with scalable computing resources and advanced analytics, driving faster time-to-insights

  • Enhancement

    Enhance efficiency and patient engagement with streamlined data collection and analysis

  • Supply Chain Management

    Optimize your supply chain with predictive analytics and real-time visibility, ensuring timely delivery of critical healthcare products

  • Legacy to AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and design your architecture according to industry best practices

  • Patient-Centric Solutions

    Deploy innovative patient engagement tools and platforms, ensuring patients have access to their data and can manage their health proactively

“Mission was highly recommended by AWS and presented a very detailed project plan on how the migration would unfold. They are also very knowledgeable about Microsoft Windows Active Directory. This was important because we needed to integrate our AWS environment with our on-premises environment that we continue to rely on for historical research.”

Doug Wood
Principal Software Engineer, Ultivue

Our life sciences vision

We believe that life-saving innovations will reach those in need faster and more reliably when given best-in-class cloud solutions. Partner with us to build the future of life sciences together.

“The Mission team developed and executed an effective migration plan for that helped us to control overall costs and resources. Post migration, Mission assumed an ongoing management and support role.“

John Morgan
Senior VP of Technology, Precision for Medicine

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