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Precision For Medicine Optimizes Cost With AWS

The Challenge

Prior to approaching Mission, PFM was setting up individual VM’s per project creating an unorganized and messy environment. As a result, PFM wanted to migrate their PATH™ instances into a new AWS environment, but lacked the resources, manpower, and expertise to do so. PFM did not want to spend the capital on creating an environment for PATH™ that only had capacity for estimated projects, so the AWS model was perfect as they were able to spin environments up and down to save money. In addition, PFM is frequently audited by their clients and needs to be compliant with a host of IT and Healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

“The Mission team developed and executed an effective migration plan for that helped us to control overall costs and resources. Post migration, Mission assumed an ongoing management and support role.“

John Morgan
Senior VP of Technology

The Solution

Today, the PATH™ platform leverages a highly scalable, secure, cloud-based computing framework built with Managed DevOps. Due in part to the AWS HIPAA and HITRUST certifications, PFM is now in an environment allowing them to prove compliance with an ever increasing number of Healthcare and IT related regulations. With the success of the PATH™ project, Mission is now on PFM’s approved vendor list and their first choice AWS Managed Service provider. They receive expert hands-on AWS support, optimization and management of their environment with Mission Cloud One.

  • Built an ELK Stack and turned on AWS Config and Log Trail to clean up and organize PFM’s environment, as well as have their logs centrally managed.
  • Replaced PFM’s SMTP server with Amazon SES to automate emails and cut costs.
  • Used Cloudfront for the WAF and as a security layer.
  • Cleaned up security groups and used Chef to ensure it would auto-scale.


  • Migrated PATH™ project instances into a new AWS production environment
  • Allowed PFM to consistently capture & review logs for future compliance audits
  • HIPAA compliant environment
  • PATH™ platform built for redundancy
  • Controlled costs and saved time