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Amazon OpenSearch Service

Search, analyze, & visualize data with cost-efficiency at scale.


Harness the Value of Your Data as You Scale Your Business

As your business grows, the volume of data you can collect expands rapidly. That data gives you the opportunity to draw more insights about your customers and your business. Yet that increased data set also brings increased complexity.

With Amazon OpenSearch Service you’ll be able to search and index document files in various formats distributed across multiple environments. Providing you with the flexibility and scalability that are ideal for big data projects.

  • Use Your Existing Data Set

    Easily integrate your data to work with OpenSearch APIs, Logstash, and Kibana to extract insights quickly.

  • Gain Actionable Insights

    Manage real-time analytics to power use cases such as log analytics, application monitoring, clickstream analytics, full-text search, and more.

  • React in Real Time

    With fast ingestion, fast time to visualize, flexible dashboarding, Amazon OpenSearch Service gives you the means to react.

Accelerate Your Use Of Amazon OpenSearch Service

Whether you're migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service or optimizing your existing OpenSearch cluster, Mission Cloud has the experience and expertise to strategize and do the heavy lifting based on your specific business requirements.

Accelerate Your Migration To Amazon OpenSearch

Business and IT planning is required to migrate your data into Amazon OpenSearch. Most organizations have numerous data sources that they must load and index into their self-managed OpenSearch cluster. With Mission Cloud you can speed up your migration to Amazon OpenSearch following AWS best practices.

We’ll create a migration plan to properly index your data, help determine the proper cluster size, and plan for future scaling. We can also help you to determine the best way to integrate Amazon OpenSearch with your existing applications and microservices.

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Data Ingestion That’s Both Fast and Affordable

Developing data architecture that can ingest a large and diverse volume of data is complex and time-consuming. Additionally, speed is also a consideration when designing your data ingestion pipelines. Working with a team that knows how to leverage the AWS ecosystem is crucial to scaling cost effectively without sacrificing on performance.

Case Study

Improved Data Indexing With Amazon OpenSearch

Writable is an application that helps schools organize their writing programs around research-backed instruction and feedback. With its log data in disparate sources, it was difficult for the company to trace application performance problems which created logistical headaches and inefficiency when dealing with customer service issues.

To uplevel internal operations and improve customer service, Writable turned to Mission Cloud to build an architecture that incorporated Amazon OpenSearch to pull all the data into a single index. As part of that architecture, container logs are now sent to Amazon CloudWatch and then routed to Amazon OpenSearch via AWS Lambda functions.

Writable now has all its data pulled into one unified index which makes it easier to proactively discover application issues and to audit how something was changed. Writable can also discover, respond and mitigate customer issues much faster.

Integrate With The Entire AWS Data Ecosystem

Ready To Accelerate Your Use Of Amazon OpenSearch?

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