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Media & Communication on AWS

Cloud and AI solutions for the next-generation of media workflows 

Content is king and consumer expectations have never been higher.

Demand for content is constantly growing but the complexity of high-fidelity workflows and global delivery isn’t going away. We empower you with cloud-native and AI solutions to streamline production, create more engaging experiences, and seamlessly deliver to all platforms.

“The collaboration with Mission has resulted in tremendous benefits to our bottom line. Mission also goes the whole nine yards to provide end-to-end support and best practice recommendations. With Mission supporting our engineers, our service is more reliable than it's ever been. I wholeheartedly recommend Mission.”

John Kang
COO, ODK Media

From global media conglomerates to innovative digital agencies, telecom multi-nationals to gaming studio startups, we've enabled every part of the media ecosystem to redefine content delivery and audience engagement.

Mission Cloud fits in perfectly, there’s the breadth of knowledge across a wide range of AWS services, and they can deep dive when we need them to so that our people can focus on their core priorities, which are basketball and what data is trying to tell us about basketball. Our main focus is not managing cloud IT infrastructure, and we don’t want it to be.”

Jay Wessland

 Companies we serve

  • Media & Entertainment

    You're crafting the next generation of storytelling and need to manage, distribute, and monetize content at scale. We design production workflows that streamline your delivery, automating your processes and helping you scale to global reach.

  • Telecommunications

    You need cost-effective cloud architectures that work seamlessly with your physical networks and devices. We design architectures that fortify your networks against attacks and outages and let you easily deliver new services to meet evolving customer expectations.

  • Agencies

    Engaging your clients and audiences requires compelling artifacts, data-driven strategy, and rapid iteration and delivery. We automate and augment your workflows with AI and help you to personalize campaigns while measuring their impact in real-time.

  • Sports & Events

    Delivering your live events seamlessly means outages, downtime, or unresponsive services aren’t an option. We design scalable streaming architectures that are fault-tolerant and can perform real-time analytics, ensuring high-quality viewer experiences without interruption.

  • Games

    You’ve got a worldwide audience where latency and scalability can make or break your success. We optimize your infrastructure for both development and deployment so your asset pipeline is painless, bugs are caught early, security is ironclad, and you can support millions of concurrent players.

 Our Capabilites

  • Automated dubbing and translation

    Using generative AI and native ML services instantly localize your content in multiple languages for a fraction of a traditional translation pipeline’s cost.

  • On-Demand & Streaming Video

    Deliver high-quality live and on-demand content with stringent latency controls and resilient fail-over procedures.

  • Cloud Gaming Infrastructure

    Design robust hosting for online gaming services with low-latency, high-availability architectures that scale to any audience.

  • Content Management

    Streamline your content lifecycle on AWS, from creation to distribution, ensuring your media assets are easily accessible and ready for global delivery.

  • Audience Analytics

    Utilize advanced analytics and BI tooling to understand your audience and tailor content and advertising for maximum engagement and revenue.

  • AWS Migrations

    Migrate from legacy data centers and other public clouds and design your architecture according to industry best practices


Our media vision

We see a future where media and technology converge to create unparalleled experiences that connect with a global audience of billions. Join us and help shape the next era of media.

“We were immediately impressed with Mission Cloud’s expertise both on AWS and with generative AI. Working with Mission has not only provided much needed AWS expertise to ensure our business is secure, reliably online and optimized, but also to build out a bleeding-edge machine learning pipeline on top of AWS cognitive services. Partnering with Mission Cloud will enable us to achieve a long-held goal for MagellanTV, which is to massively expand the reach of our documentary platform and strengthen our position as a truly global company.”

Thomas Lucas
Co-Founder and Director, MagellanTV

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