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Cloud FinOps & Financial Engineering Programs

Find AWS cost-savings opportunities and optimize your environment. 


Capitalize On Every Savings Opportunity

Maximize your AWS cost savings with our financial engineering opportunities. 

Subscribing to any of our financial engineering programs also gives you the benefits of our managed services. Each service includes a team of Cloud Analysts who meet regularly with you to discuss cost and performance optimizations while using our tooling, Mission Control and CloudHealth, to analyze and align your environment to best practices.

Financial Engineering Programs

  • Instant Discount Program (IDP)

    Get up to 5% off your monthly AWS bill for 12 months without a long-term commitment. Unlike many other private pricing programs, Mission Cloud doesn’t require prepayment, revenue contracts, long-term contracts, or growth clauses. Instead, you enjoy immediate cost savings while we help you to find additional cost optimization opportunities without long-term financial risk.

  • Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program

    Mission Cloud’s Reserved Instance Optimization Program (RIO) analyzes your historic usage and optimizes your spend by purchasing and managing Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) on your behalf. Mission returns any unused RIs and SPs to our purchasing pool so that you have zero upfront capital expenditure, zero risk of overcommitment, and can optimize for a more aggressive savings strategy.

  • AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)

    An EDP can save your business a lot of money, but mistakes can be costly. When you work with Mission Cloud, our managed services qualify you for the Enterprise support requirement while we help you to analyze your usage, forecast growth, and run your negotiation with AWS. This ensures you aren’t under- or over-committing to spend and either missing savings or having to grow your usage.

Your Financial Engineering Options

Instant Discount Program (IDP)
Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO)
AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)

Minimum Commitment


No upfront capital, must analyze historic usage to qualify

AWS-approved spend and growth commitment (typically > $1 million)

Savings Opportunity

Up to 5% off your monthly AWS bill + cost optimization 

Up to 75% off on-demand pricing; our average RI and SP coverage is 70% of a customer’s available AWS resources

Comprehensive discount negotiated by AWS + ongoing optimization guidance and operational support


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