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AWS Enterprise Discount Program

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What is the AWS Enterprise Discount Program?

The AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) is for customers ready to commit to long-term growth. An EDP can save your business a lot of money over time, but its structures are complex and mistakes can be costly. Mission Cloud can help you qualify for and design your EDP, performing the due diligence to forecast your growth, qualifying your workloads for the most favorable savings rate, and handling the negotiation with AWS on your behalf. 



AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) with Mission Cloud Services



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Accurately Forecast

We validate current and future resource needs, factor anticipated growth, and calibrate your EDP to ensure you aren't under- or over-utilizing its pricing. Don’t worry about missing commitments and don’t sacrifice savings you could have earned.

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Qualify with Enterprise Support

Get 24/7 AWS-approved Enterprise Support to qualify for your EDP purchase at a much lower cost than AWS’s Enterprise Support tier. With either of our managed services, our CloudOps team fulfills your Enterprise Support qualification.


Optimize First

We’ll perform a thorough analysis of your environment ahead of a commitment to ensure you have maximized all opportunities to optimize and modernize. That way, you won’t find yourself in the middle of an EDP and having to avoid savings to stay on track with your burndown.


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“The collaboration with Mission has resulted in tremendous benefits to our bottom line. Mission also goes the whole nine yards to provide end-to-end support and best practice recommendations. With Mission supporting our engineers, our service is more reliable than it's ever been. I wholeheartedly recommend Mission.”

John Kang
former Chief Operating Officer at ODK Media

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