Mission Cloud Instant Discount Program (IDP)

Guaranteed 5% savings on your AWS bill with no long-term commitment

Program overview

With Mission Cloud IDP, you can get up to 5% off your monthly AWS bill for the first 12 months without a long-term commitment. You also receive the following benefits through IDP:


Cost-optimized AWS environment

In addition to the immediate guaranteed savings, you'll get a dedicated Mission Cloud FinOps Cloud Analyst who will help increase your visibility into usage and drive further cost optimization and governance within your AWS environment.


No Minimum or Long-Term Commitments

Many private pricing programs for AWS require prepayments or revenue commitments, long-term contracts, and growth clauses. Mission Cloud takes a different approach with IDP by providing immediate guaranteed cost savings without long-term financial risk.


Save up to 10% off your AWS bill

When you purchase Mission Cloud One, our comprehensive service for AWS operations, optimization, and security.

Customer Success Story

Biotech start-up, Immunis.AI is the developer of a non-invasive blood-based immunogenomic platform licensed from Harvard University. The biotech start-up began working with Mission Cloud to manage DevOps initiatives and optimize cloud costs. Experiencing rising AWS costs across the board, Immunis.AI leveraged Mission Cloud Foundation to implement AWS best practices and cost optimization. Additionally, Mission Cloud Analysts performed a cloud optimization review that resulted in Immunis.AI benefiting from AWS Savings Plans, and the Mission Cloud IDP, which yielded an additional immediate 5% savings. These optimization efforts aligned Immunis.AI’s AWS costs with the margins necessary for its commercialized product.

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Instant Discount Program

Our Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program is an AWS reservation management service that provides greater optimization and savings without day-to-day management or worrying about financial risks. With the Mission Cloud RIO program, AWS customers with existing reserved instances and savings plans have seen a 210% average increase in optimization and a 7-24% cost reduction in their overall AWS monthly bill.

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