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Service Overview

Mission Cloud Foundation

Control spend, improve performance & proceed with confidence

Mission Cloud Foundation is a cloud management service for the fundamentals. With guidance on costs and best practices plus 24/7 support, we help you optimize, modernize, and fearlessly take on new initiatives.


Mission Cloud Foundation features:


Cloud Analysts for FinOps & InfraOps Support

A team of experts to regularly review your environment for cost, performance, reliability, and efficiency, helping you better align with AWS best practices.


24/7 Support

Our CloudOps team operates on a follow-the-sun model with industry-leading SLAs. We’re backed by AWS Enterprise Support and always available for technical help and troubleshooting.


Industry-leading Tools

Using CloudHealth by VMware and Mission Control, we identify both cost and performance opportunities.

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Mission Control

A cloud services platform, purpose built for AWS

Mission Control is the first of its kind, a cloud services platform. It lives at the intersection of cloud management platforms, work management platforms, and cloud managed services, but is built specifically for AWS. With Mission Control, you get visibility of your cloud environment paired with real-time access to our teams of AWS experts.

Mission Control is included when you become a customer of Mission Cloud Foundation.

Cost Optimization & Governance for AWS

Optimize your spend without compromising on performance

Cost Optimization

  • Financial engineering
  • Operational improvements
  • Architectural modernization
  • Instance right-sizing and environment clean-up

Cloud Governance

  • Performance tracking and metrics
  • Budget and cost management
  • Policy definition and implementation

Increased Visibility & Continuous Monitoring

A tool is only as strong as the hand that holds it

Using CloudHealth by VMware, cloud analysts will report on your AWS usage and costs with any parameters you specify. These tools give you greater visibility and control of costs, and we supercharge them by contextualizing their suggestions to your specific goals, situation, and needs.

You can’t solve issues you don’t see

Using CloudHealth by VMware, cloud analysts will report on your AWS usage and costs to give you greater visibility and control over your AWS environment.


Expert AWS Support

24/7 support for your AWS environment

Mission Cloud redefines the AWS support experience. 

Our teams all have visibility into the same systems and work together to create a shared understanding of your environment. That means the support you receive is rooted in your broader performance and cost objectives.

And with 100% AWS-certified engineers and industry-leading response times backed by AWS Enterprise Support, you get the answers that you need quickly, no matter the time of day.


Dejae E. Sr. Engagement Manager

Controlling Your AWS Cloud Costs in 2023

As your business grows, it may become increasingly challenging to manage your cloud environment costs. In this ebook, learn how to control costs without compromising on performance and scalability. 

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Guidance on Cost & Architecture

Improve your cost efficiency and align with best practices

Our analysts will guide you to ensure that any changes suggested for cost efficiency don’t degrade performance or vice versa. Together, they hold regular cadence meetings with you to review your business objectives and identify opportunities to make your environment more efficient.



  • Cost savings recommendations and best practice alignment
  • Rightsizing and reservations opportunities (including expiring reservations)
  • Guidance on potential EDPs / PPAs
  • Reporting and cost attribution
  • Trend analysis on cost and usage
  • Simplified billing and monthly reports


  • Cloud governance and infrastructure health
  • Comparisons to best practices and modernization opportunities
  • Reliability and scaling concerns (analyzing repeat issues / patterns from support ticketing)
  • Efficiency opportunities from new AWS features / services
  • Provisioning recommendations

Why Mission Cloud Foundation?

Unexpected costs and performance issues are common to scaling in the cloud—as your business grows, so do the complexity of these problems and the resources you must dedicate to solving them.

With Mission Cloud Foundation, we can help you optimize your environment, guide you to build with a vision for scaling and performance, and support you to help you execute and course correct when new challenges arise.


Leverage AWS

At Mission Cloud, we focus exclusively on AWS. We guide you on making the most of its services, programs, and partners.


Proven Experience

We’ve had a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80+ for multiple years running and hold AWS Competencies across the most critical practice areas.


Our Approach

By combining expert strategy and collaboration, our approach keeps you informed, supported, and prepared for growth.

Customer Success Story
We’re already saving tens of thousands a month with Mission Cloud, and my goal now is to get that to six figures. The amount that Mission Cloud has saved us is downright massive.

Brian Cunningham, CFO of Driven


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