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Moving Your SaaS Platforms to AWS: Four Reasons Why it’s a Good Idea

IDC recently reported that half the companies surveyed say that either all their new applications are SaaS-first or that they’re working on migrating their applications to SaaS models. If your company is among them, the default approach might be to deploy the applications on your own servers, managing the entire operation yourself. However, rather than running everything on-premises, you may want to consider moving to AWS, so you can take advantage of the infrastructure that AWS has built in to support SaaS. Here are four reasons why it’s a good idea to move your SaaS platform to AWS.

AWS Provides an Abundance of Resources for SaaS Companies

Designed for APN Technology Partners, the AWS SaaS Factory provides direct access to technical and business content, best reference architectures, and information on such topics as tenant isolation, data partitioning, and identity.

SaaS platforms can also draw on Amazon Aurora, a relational database compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Leveraging Aurora, a fully-managed Amazon Relational Database, can relieve your organization of administrative tasks like setup, patching, and backups.

More Agility, Less Management

Increased agility is another key benefit of moving your SaaS application to AWS. Not having to run your own infrastructure stack enables you to roll out new applications and new features more quickly. This in turn simplifies your IT management, freeing your staff to focus on the tasks that are specific to your platform.

More Security, Less Friction

AWS is committed to providing a highly secure experience for SaaS customers at every step of their cloud journey. AWS PrivateLink makes it possible to migrate your on-premise SaaS applications to AWS without exposing your data to the public Internet. With AWS PrivateLink, you can connect your VPCs to AWS services and SaaS applications in a secure and scalable manner.

Once you’re already on the AWS cloud, you can rest assured that AWS has 500+ services and features focused on maintaining security and compliance, and is regularly launching new features to keep up with the changing regulatory landscape.

SaaS and Serverless: A Strong Combination

Many are praising serverless architectures as the way of the future, as they drive cost optimization, enable transparent scaling, and reduce overhead management. Serverless services can be a strong fit for SaaS providers looking to support the dynamic nature of SaaS workloads. With Aurora Serverless, you pay only for the database capacity and database storage you consume while it is active.

Mission Can Help During the Move…

When you decide that hosting your SaaS platform on AWS is right for you, Mission can help smooth the transition. An AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Mission offers a suite of professional and managed services to ensure that your pre-migration planning, migration to the AWS cloud, and all managed services thereafter run smoothly. To further discuss moving your SaaS platform to the AWS cloud, reach out to Mission today at:

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