Unlock the benefits of serverless architectures.

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Enable transparent scaling & massively parallel execution with AWS Lambda.

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Pay only for what you use and reduce management overhead.

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Drive optimization by attributing cost to specific features and components.

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Use event-based architectures to rapidly deploy, test, & measure changes.

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Unlock the Power & Efficiency of Serverless Architectures

Serverless technology has the potential to completely change the way businesses architect, build, deploy, and improve applications, greatly reducing management overhead, and enabling massive scale. Navigating the shift from traditional server-based architectures to serverless architectures using AWS Lambda can be challenging. Rely upon Mission’s team of experienced serverless experts to guide your transformation, and to unlock the scale, efficiency, insight, and agility benefits of serverless.

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Transparently Support Massive Scale

Traditional server-based deployments support scaling through sophisticated metric-driven auto-scaling automation. Server provisioning time, metric lag, and other factors can cause over or under provisioning which impact cost and performance, negatively impacting customer experience, and your bottom line. With serverless deployments, functions can be executed transparently in massive parallel, with no complex auto-scaling systems to manage.

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Enable Efficiency and Optimization

With AWS Lambda, you pay only for what you use. Applications are broken down into discrete AWS Lambda functions, which perform highly specific tasks, and are then tied together using an event-driven architecture. Mission’s team of AWS certified engineers will work with your team to architect your application for efficiency and transparency. With a complete view into your cloud spend by application feature and function, you can optimize with confidence, and perfectly align spend with demand.

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Architect with Confidence

Mission has deep serverless experience, with dozens of successful workload re-architectures and new deployments on behalf of our customers.

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Uplevel Your Organization

With our extensive serverless experience and expertise, Mission can help your engineering teams adopt and apply serverless for your workloads.

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Roadmap and Iterate

Looking for continuous improvement? Mission Managed DevOps can drive business transformation using serverless technology.

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Engage with the Experts

The scale, efficiency, insight, and agility benefits of serverless architectures can help you achieve your business goals. With Mission’s experience and expertise, you can accelerate your path, and realize those benefits with speed and confidence.

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