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Cloud Managed Services vs Traditional Managed Services

Cloud Computing is a revolution that has changed IT. The virtualization of the cloud has allowed companies to see benefits including massive scalability, increased agility and low costs. Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSPs) play a key role in helping organizations recognize and leverage these advantages. Traditional MSPs and Cloud MSPs do similar work, but under different circumstances. Traditional MSPs help with monitoring and maintenance just like Cloud MSPs, but, because the cloud is a new platform that is constantly evolving, working with a Cloud MSP is key in keeping up to speed. Below, we examine the difference between Cloud Managed Services vs. Traditional Managed Services.


With Cloud Managed Services, everything happens faster, from build up, to monitoring, to alerting. Provisioning of servers is much faster, since the physical hardware is already up and running on the cloud. Once the provisioning is finished, the configuration can be fast only if the MSPs embrace DevOps and make the environment “infrastructure as code.” Cloud MSPs have everything at their fingertips, enabling them to complete tasks on the spot, whereas traditional MSPs have to do a lot of ordering, waiting, installing and testing which eats up tons of time.


A traditional data center is on-premise, hardware based, and stores data within a local network. This means your MSP will need to perform updates, monitoring, and maintenance in-house. This can slow things down and cause inefficiency. The cloud is on off-premise data center and stores data anywhere over the internet. The cloud is redundant, so your cloud MSP can perform all updates, monitoring and maintenance from any location making things quick and efficient. In addition, your cloud MSP can safeguard availability during outages, since cloud vendors have multiple data centers in various geographic locations.


The job of every MSP is to make things easier and eliminate headaches. However, it’s much more difficult for a traditional MSP to eliminate that headache. In order to fix things, traditional MSPs have to make phone calls, order parts, wait for shipping of those parts, installation, and so on. Cloud MSPs have a much easier time and guarantee that everything is taken care of 100% with AWS. Because of the virtualization of the cloud, your cloud MSP can take care of things quickly, easily, and happily.


Your Cloud MSP simplifies many processes. The cloud makes everything you need just a click away, so it’s easy to test in development and quickly spin up new environments. Traditional MSPs will have a more difficult time getting things done. Ordering parts that take months to arrive, finding the right people to install them, and then testing to make sure everything is working correctly can become a tedious, long process. With the cloud and your MSP, all of this happens almost instantly.

Cloud computing has not only changed the way of IT, but also Managed Services. Mission exclusively provides AWS Managed Services to businesses of all sizes and industries. We build cloud ready solutions using the best of breed technologies so that our customers can get all the benefits of AWS cloud while still being able to focus on what’s really important, their business. Not only does Mission provide redundancy, availability and rapid deployments, but we also help you save money money with AWS. Our Mission Savings Calculator shows you how much you would save on AWS by using our AWS Managed Services.

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