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Mission Partners with AWS Educate to Launch 2019 Cloud Computing Internship Program

Mission is thrilled to announce that we have officially partnered with AWS Educate to launch the 2019 Cloud Computing Internship Program. The goal is to align closely with AWS to create development and employment opportunities for Cloud Computing graduates through real-world, on-the-job learning experience. We are excited to lead the charge and partner closely with AWS Educate on this initiative. Mission sees this as an ideal partnership that will help bridge the gap between motivated technical graduates looking to get their foot in the door with the current lack of qualified, affordable talent in the field.

Our first internship session launched February 4th, with Michael Brown, a graduate of Santa Monica College’s Cloud Computing program, as Mission’s flagship intern joining the Platform team. Michael is working closely with CTO Jonathan LaCour, and mentored by Platform Manager Lance Allen. Jonathan joined as Mission’s CTO in January 2018, and brings an impressive repertoire of technical expertise to the team, including his previous experience as VP Cloud and Development at DreamHost. Lance has been a key member of the Mission team since joining in 2015 and oversees day-to-day operations of the Platform team.

During the 12 week program, our interns are provided with a detailed plan and weekly check-ins are scheduled. Jonathan was excited to kick off the program working closely with Michael.

“As public cloud adoption continues to accelerate, so does the need for highly-skilled, experienced technologists. At Mission, we’re already training, mentoring, and growing a top-notch team of cloud experts to help our customers achieve their business goals. By partnering with AWS Educate and introducing the Mission internship program, we’re helping add much-needed talent to the market, and creating new opportunities for the next generation of builders and problem solvers,” LaCour said.

The Cloud Computing Internship Program focuses on assigning interns projects that challenge their existing skill level, create tangible results, and encourage them to familiarize themselves with Mission and Mission’s services. Interns are also required to present what they have learned during their final week, giving them a platform to showcase the skills they have gained during their time with Mission.

“This initiative is excellent because of its potential to jump-start the careers of the young people involved in the program. Students have the opportunity to learn about the full value and utility of AWS cloud infrastructure and be mentored by experienced technical individuals. We’ve developed an in-depth approach to teaching these new initiatives to get them ready to become architects, consultants, and engineers. I personally hope to instill a passion for learning, tinkering and innovating with technology, which AWS greatly enables,” Allen said.

The benefits of this program are extensive. We aim to increase exposure of the Cloud Computing field, provide increased employment opportunities for young graduates, increase the productivity of experienced staff through additional support, and bring on new talent armed with a strong foundational knowledge of the organization and the basic skills needed to be successful.

“I feel like I’m Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is a truly exciting experience,” Brown said. “I’m learning things I would only learn on the job as it relates to the cloud.” Brown expressed fascination at AWS’ capabilities in regards to automation. “It really takes efficiency to a whole other level.”

Mission’s CEO Simon Anderson believes this initiative is a great reflection of the company’s values and looks forward to continuing this partnership with AWS over the long term.

“Mission’s team members are the lifeblood of our business. As we scale our team and build a highly-trusted AWS managed cloud and consulting business, a natural place to look for the next generation of talent to train on our cloud services is the thriving community colleges that have leaped forward and implemented comprehensive AWS curriculum over the last two years. Cloud is the new frontier, and AWS is the leading platform for digital transformation. We’re excited to enable new graduates to learn, thrive and grow,” Anderson said.

I’m honored to be leading this initiative in partnership with Mike Berman of AWS Educate and his team. Mike has been a fantastic advocate for the program, and it’s nice to know we’re working together with a core purpose- to create long term career opportunities in technology for great people of all backgrounds. We’re shaping the next wave of talent here at Mission, and hopefully a new way of seeing talent acquisition in tech altogether. I’m excited to be working together with AWS to continue building an amazing team of people, and to make an impact in the technology field over the long term.

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