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How Mission & Amorphic Solve Data and Analytics Challenges in the Healthcare and Life Science Sectors

Over the last several months, there has been a real shift in how companies are consuming data. This is largely the result of customer models moving from in-person selling to digital selling. In order to keep up, it is imperative for businesses to identify how customers are finding businesses as well as gather insights around sentiment surrounding products and services. To facilitate gathering this information, many organizations  seek out a fully-managed data and analytics platform that doesn’t require additional development or support.

This is where Amorphic comes into play: Amorphic is a fully-managed data and analytics platform that works with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It leverages over 30 AWS services, enabling customers to implement a production-ready data lake on AWS and future-proof their analytics for a significantly reduced cost.

In this blog, we will discuss how Amorphic works, some of the data and analytics challenges in the healthcare and life science space that Amorphic solves for, and how Mission and Amorphic work together to help customers achieve their data and analytics goals on AWS.

Healthcare & Life Science Case: How Amorphic Helps Data Teams Expedite Research and Development

This is an exciting time to be in healthcare and life science. With that said, there are a number of data and analytics challenges in the healthcare and life science space that Amorphic helps solve for.

Very large data sets become difficult for organizations to access, share, and use. AWS is an incredibly powerful platform, but it is not known for its simplicity. This presents an opportunity for partners like Mission and Amorphic to zone in and make it simpler and more accessible to users. Amorphic is much easier for data teams to access, use, and prepare data for their analytics using an Amorphic workflow. The workflow allows for drag and drop, data preparation, and data wrangling.

Another big challenge in the healthcare and life science space is around unstructured data. Amorphic provides an unstructured data set and enters the customer’s S3 account for Amazon. AI services run on that data and a metadata table is built for that data; tags can also be added to it. This changes the usability of data for data teams.

On the provider side, readmission risk is a huge and constant issue. By leveraging the power of a cloud data and analytics platform, converging all of this information (from physical records to patient records to MRIs, etc.), and then being able to normalize that data faster using the right analytic tool is so powerful.The ability to leverage data securely with governance in the cloud is now possible.

How Mission and Amorphic Work Together

Mission and Amorphic are a complimentary partnership. Mission works with customers to gain a deep understanding of the business and its goals, then helps them use AWS technology to solve their business challenges. Amorphic is also highly consultative, use-case driven, and customer focused. The two come together around infrastructure, data, and analytics. They put together a whole cohesive solution that is not something simply bought off of a shelf and self deployed

Setup Process & Timelines

The Mission data lake in a box program is set up to provide a customer with the ability to deploy Amorphic. It is set up with governance, security, and orchestration to upwards of 30 Amazon Analytics services. Deployment takes 90 minutes. Mission will deploy Amorphic into the customer’s AWS account. There is a secure VPC connection created to do that. There is also a single sign on integration which can be leveraged. Also available are IAM and Cognito settings which are part of Amazon. Data lakes typically take from three to five man-years to reach a production level with a team of six to twelve people working at a fast pace. With Mission’s data lake in a box process, a fully production-ready platform is available in 90 minutes. 

Going from zero to hero is totally achievable. This is particularly relevant during uncertain COVID times. Mission is able to respond to data and analytics needs within a week. Organizations need to take advantage of every product and solution available to maximize the time, care, and ability of their organization. 

Contact Mission today to learn more about how you can work with Mission and Amorphic to achieve your data and analytics goals in the AWS cloud.

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