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Data & Analytics on AWS

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Simplify AWS Data Analytics

For SMBs and Startups, building a data analytics platform that unlocks the power of your data has always been complex, time-intensive, and expensive. All that changes with Amorphic, a 100% AWS-native solution that leverages AWS core services to streamline development and management of data lakes, data warehouses, and AI/ML/BI implementations. With Amorphic, you can both dramatically reduce both your start-up timeline and costs (by 80% or more) and your ongoing maintenance and development burdens, allowing you to invest more in driving insight and innovation.

Save upfront costs

Decrease production implementation costs compared to a traditional build.

Reduce development time

Go to production faster without lengthy POC cycles.

Future proof your analytics

Leverage integrated Amazon AI services and build intelligent applications.

Pay As you go

Pay for the platform only to the extent that you are using it.

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reduce time to market and lower costs

Traditionally, in order to leverage the full benefits of data analytics platforms, companies had to build them in-house, a time-intensive and expensive process. With Mission and Amorphic, that’s no longer the case — you can buy a 100% AWS-native data analytics platform, reducing time to market and introducing major savings opportunities.

With Mission
Traditional Partners
Proof of Concept (PoC)
Not Required
Timing for PoC
0 - 2 Weeks
4 - 6 Weeks
Average Implementation Costs
$20 - $80K
Platform Pricing Structure
Pay As You Go
Annual Contract

Strategic Decision Making — Powered by Amazon AI

Integrate your data lake with Amazon AI services such as Amazon Forecast, Amazon Personalize, and Amazon Rekognition, making it easier for your team to create intelligent applications, analytics, and data products.


Personalize your customer experience with recommendation technology.


Optimize your cloud spend and anticipate resource needs with forecasting models powered by ML technology.

Image & Video Analysis

Add image & video analysis from your application to catalog assets, automate media workflow, and extract meaning.

Advanced Text Analysis

Use natural language processing to extract insights & relationships from unstructured text.

Intelligent search

Query data inside of files with the power of Amazon's artificial intelligence.