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Mission is Well-Prepared as Coronavirus Escalates

I wanted to write this post to communicate that Mission has been actively monitoring the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and its human and economic impact over the last two months, and we have been taking proactive steps to protect and prepare our team and business to operate without disruption as the situation has escalated in the US and internationally. 

Before stepping through our plans and preparations, I’d like to reaffirm that we consider our services to be mission-critical for the success of our customers, and we will deliver on our commitments to them in this challenging time. We are also fully available to expand our services on short notice to support the cloud operations of our customers and prospects should they find themselves short-staffed.

For context, our team is predominantly US-based. We have offices in Los Angeles and Boston, but we also have team members working remotely throughout the US. We also have a small team in Brazil who work securely and remotely. We are well-prepared to have 100% of our team work remotely if necessary, supported by our well-established software-based communication and collaboration tools and secure systems for access to our managed services platform in place. We also briefed all of our team last week on preparing their home environment for potentially extended “social distancing”, including stocking extra food and necessary medications.

In January we started a series of internal communications to our team about the importance of personal hygiene using the advice of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) as our authoritative source of recommendations. We have regularly updated our team with personal hygiene recommendations to date as the CDC has updated their advice.

Our team has not traveled for business internationally since January, and we took the precaution last week to cancel all non-essential US business travel. We stand ready to cancel all travel going forward if the circumstances require it. As a precaution, no team members are traveling to Seattle or Washington State going forward until the situation there stabilizes. In addition, we have canceled team participation in all group conferences or events in March, and will likely extend that to April as we see how the situation progresses.

In summary, we have been preparing our team and business since January to be able to continuously deliver our services to our customers, and we stand ready to support our customers and prospects in expanded ways should they need any additional assistance.

For customers, if you have any questions or want further detail or discussion specific to your cloud environment, please contact us at 310-348-9700 or, or via your dedicated Mission cloud consultant, engineer or customer success manager.

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Simon Anderson

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